PETIT DE GRAT: The Little Anse Hawks achieved not only a banner win but also celebrated a milestone in the team’s history last Saturday when hosting the Inverness Athletics for the third game of the RABA championship.

“When we started the year, we wanted to accomplish a feat that the Hawks had never done before: winning four straight league championships,” said Ryan Samson, player/coach of the Hawks. “We did it.

“We’ll be back again next year to defend the title, and shoot for another if we’re lucky.”
Last Saturday’s game was a 7-2 win for the hosts. The Hawks held a two-game series lead going into game three.


“We put seven runs on the board in the first two innings and after that [Inverness pitcher] Peter Lewin shut us down for the rest of the game,” Samson said. “Luckily, those seven runs were enough to win it.

“It’s a pleasure to play and have the chance to win each year,” Samson said. “It’s a great group of guys to play ball with; you couldn’t ask for a better team.”

Tyler Babin threw a great game for the Hawks, Samson said. Babin was also good for a couple of hits, Samson added. The player/coach pointed out that Laurier Samson was also good for a couple of nice line-drives in the early going to put the Hawks on the right track.

“Inverness is a great ball team, and they put some pressure on us in a couple of innings for sure, but we were lucky enough to get out of those innings with a couple of good plays.”
As stated earlier, Inverness was trailing the series 2-0 going into game three. The Athletics, who captured the Intermediate A Baseball Nova Scotia Provincial Championship this summer, was forced to forfeit the first two games of the championship series. The Invernessers were unable to come up with enough bodies to field a team.

webphotos-sports-oct5-5 The series might have been shorter than average, considering those forfeits, but Samson said Inverness and Little Anse are both looking back on good years.

“It was a great season for us and for the league in general,” he said. “It was a great year for ball, and I tip my hat to Inverness which also had a great season.”