Those who dared enter the Haunted House in Glendale were treated to a guided journey involving the frightening history of the house.
Photos by Drake Lowthers Entering into the Haunted House in Glendale, your vision may play tricks on you while exploring the house as part of a guided tour.
Entering into his study, visitors were warned about the horrors that have taken place between the walls of his house, be warned, everything or everyone that enters may not come out.
Everywhere you turned during the Haunted House in Glendale there was a reminder that there was always a set of eyes on you at all times.
This creepy mask was one of the many unsettling scenes inside the house of horrors in Glendale.
This particular individual was chained to a machine and asked the participants for help before they were rushed out of the room.
Inside the nursary of Glendale’s Haunted House, a nun repeatedly asked for participants to pray for the children.
The Father John Rankin Cultural Centre in Glendale was the scene of a Haunted House during the past two weekends, which had tremendous turn-out.