Haunts from the Cape looks for local leads

Jason Murphy and Doug Mombourquette are seen here about to enter Fortress of Louisburg for an investigation. The guys are two of the lead investigators with “Haunts from the Cape,” a paranormal investigation group based out of the Sydney-area. The guys are anxious to visit Inverness and Richmond counties.

SYDNEY: They’ve spent the last four years documenting ghostly happenings on the eastern side of the island, and now Jason Murphy and Doug Mombourquette are anxious to visit Richmond and Inverness counties to shed some light on those things that go bump in the night.

“We started back in 2014, and basically what we do is bring awareness to different paranormal hot spots on the island,” said Mombourquette.

“We want to know more about everywhere in Cape Breton, especially Port Hawkesbury, Mabou, and all those communities,” said Murphy.

The guys are two of the lead investigators with “Haunts from the Cape,” a volunteer and not-for-profit group run out of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Over the last few years, the guys have conducted ghost hunting investigations at places like the Fortress of Louisburg, Black Brook Cemetery near Port Morien, and dozens of other venues.

Along with their investigations, the guys also partner with organizations like the Old Sydney Society to do presentations on the paranormal and cases they’ve worked. These events are a way for “Haunts from the Cape” to give back to the community. The groups charge admission to the events, but “Haunts from the Cape” doesn’t accept a penny for their time.

“Any organization that works with us, they keep all the money,” Mombourquette said. “There are groups out there that charge for their services, but you have to beware of them. Some of them make things happen because you’re paying for them.”

Over the last four years, “Haunts from the Cape” has become something of an on-line sensation, as the group has a Facebook page of well-over 6,000 followers. While some of those followers can be found on the west side of the island, both Mombourquette and Murphy would like even more people from Inverness and Richmond to become involved.

The guys are therefore putting out a request to anyone in Inverness and Richmond Counties, along with the Town of Port Hawkesbury, for information on local paranormal events. The guys are interested in any leads they can get.

“We don’t like to randomly jump in the car and drive someplace,” Mombourquette said. “We like to reach out and then we’ll go from there.”

Murphy mentioned that they’ve already gotten a good lead relating to a certain community on Route 19.

“One of the big places we want to do is in Mabou where the old asylum was,” he said. “If we go to a place like Mabou, we go for the entire day to hit a number of spots.”

The guys don’t come to an investigation alone. They have voice recorders to monitor electronic voice phenomena; K2 meters, measuring electromagnetic fields; infrared cameras; trail cameras (which shoot in inferred); temperature guns; and a variety of other equipment.

“There’s nothing better than a recorder with a whisper or a sentence,” Murphy said. “There’s nothing more rewarding than getting an intelligent response.”

An intelligent response would be a voice responding to a question asked by an investigator. The guys have come across several messages like that in electronic voice phenomena. One of the most startling was at Black Brook Cemetery where the guys asked “who is watching us” and they were told “a witch.”

Anyone looking to touch base with “Haunts from the Cape” is welcome to send them a message on Facebook or e-mail them at: hauntsfromthecape@gmail.com. The guys also have YouTube account, where videos of their investigations can be found. (Just enter “Haunts from the Cape” into a YouTube browser to find them).

In addition to looking for leads, the guys said they were also more than happy to partner with local groups to do presentations on the paranormal. Such events have been revenue generators for groups on the other side of the island, and the guys said they’d be happy to help local groups as well.