On March 1, École Beau-Port in Arichat hosted members of the Fleur-de-Lis Seniors’ Club for the school’s Heritage Day program. The event was held to promote and preserve Acadian culture by connecting students and senior citizens.
Eleanor Sampson and Mary Ellen Polegato were two Fleur-de-Lis Seniors’ Club members who visited the Arichat school on March 1.
Pictured are (from the left): Desiree Boudreau, Bertha Jeffrey, Viola Landry, and Lena Cernjak on March 1 in Arichat.
Taylor Sampson is pictured with her grandmother Eleanor Sampson.
Julia Cordeau and Mary Samson enjoyed their time with the students.
Debbie Samson was one of the organizers of the Heritage Day event on March 1.
These seniors gave their time to let the students know that they have much to offer to their communities. Pictured are (from the left): Eleanor Sampson, Lena Cernjak, Bertha Jeffrey, Desiree Boudreau, Viola Landry, Debbie Samson, Julia Cordeau, and Mary Ellen Polegato.