Pictured is the former Robin’s Store in Arichat.

Cecile Boudrot, daughter of Louis Boudrot and Barbe Fougere, was married at around 1780 to Simon Forest.

At her husband’s death she became a tavern keeper at Arichat. She was grandmother to MLA Honore Martell and Rev. Guillaume Marin LeBlanc and great aunt to MLA Captain Charles Boudrot. She was related to a large number of Acadians buried in the old cemetery across the road from Notre Dame de l’Assomption church. A testimony to her accomplishments is the fact that many of the monuments of her descendants are made of marble and sandstone. Stephen White calls her an Acadian matriarch.

Charles Boudrot, great nephew to Cecile Boudrot above was born in 1822 at Arichat, the son of Louis Boudrot and Marine Bellefontaine.

On January 20, 1845, he married Charlotte Forest of West Arichat (1824 to 1907). They had six children: Desire, Eliza (died at nine months), Eliza, Sara Jeanne (Jane), Charles Arthur, and Francois.

A Master Mariner, ship’s captain and builder, Charles owned a number of vessels: The Wave, Four Brothers, Mary, Mary E. MacLaughlin, Bishop MacKinnon, Diamond of the Deep, Orloff, Kate, William and Mary, Lucy Ann, Sebastopol, and G.I. Troop.

He served in numerous public capacities: Justice of the Peace, 1857; Member of the Legislative Assembly, 1874; Member of the Legislative Council, 1878; enumerator for the first Canadian census, 1871; and founding member of Arichat Mutual Marine Insurance (to provide ship owners with the opportunity to acquire insurance). He died aboard his ship at Liscomb Mills, Guysborough County on June 30, 1883.

Thomas Boudrot was a prominent sea captain and entrepreneur in Arichat. In 1911 he purchased the Robin store, which had been floated across the harbour some years previous, and operated by his wife Jane Boudrot, daughter of Richard Boudrot and Angela Richard. Jane oversaw the operation, which included the store, ice cream parlour and rental units.

The central part of the building was two-storied with general merchandise on the ground floor and clothing and yard goods above. The roof line swooped down on both sides from the raised midpoint, and on the east side were living accommodations for the family which included Alphonse, 1895, a doctor in Quebec; Lorenzo, died in 1922, age 24; Alfred, 1904-1927; Eva (Crosby-Young), 1890-1968; and Ida (1891-1979), who married E.C. Doyle.

On the west side was an office area, which was leased over the years to such people as Dr. Deveau, Dr. Herbin, and lawyer John J. Copland. Captain Thomas died in 1935 age 75 and Jane in 1938 at the age of 78. Daughter Eva and her husband Ben Young resided in the homestead/store. Later, the old place returned to its commercial roots and when it fell victim to fire in 1974, it housed a clothing outlet owned by Paul Baccardax and Ron’s T.V., a television repair shop whose proprietor was Malcolm Jackson.

Captain Dominique Gerroir was the owner of the Appoline, a 230 ton brigantine. The painting of Our Lady of l’Assomption behind the altar in the Notre Dame de l’Assomption Church was brought from Italy to Arichat by Captain Gerroir. His tombstone was rediscovered by his great-great grandson Leo Girroir and Daniel Boudreau while working in the cemetery on a summer project.