Hotel developer conducting feasibility study

PORT HAWKESBURY: A new hotel may be coming to Port Hawkesbury.

The hotel developer the town has been working with for the past several months visited Port Hawkesbury on December 17. Cushman and Wakefield is conducting a hotel feasibility study for a site in the town.

To help ensure the consultant understood the extent of the demand in the area, the town painted a picture of Port Hawkesbury as a regional hub for industry, education, recreation, culture, tourism, and the professional and public sectors.

Terry Doyle, the town’s CAO highlighted the need for a new hotel as Port Hawkesbury could act as a destination where tourists could start and finish their trips to Cape Breton.

After January’s regular council meeting last Tuesday evening, Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton said many in the room provided updates on their industries, facilities, and organizations, and discussed growth and opportunities, all supporting the need for an additional hotel or two.

“Accommodations are a huge puzzle piece in terms of growing the town. We have a wonderful green building here in the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre it’s a fantastic facility,” she said. “Unfortunately, we aren’t able to reach the potential we could with this building, as well as some other infrastructure because it’s very hard to compete for those medium and large sized venues.”

Councillor Trevor Boudreau said because of the lack of accommodations the town is unable to look at bigger conferences.

“Having that available space and having that availability for hotel rooms allows for us to actually host conferences, this building was desinged to do.”

Chisholm-Beaton said the proposed location would be the CRVS site, right next to the Civic Centre, While she wasn’t able to speak on who the developer was, she noted that it was a national chain.

“What’s unique about Port Hawkesbury is that although we have a population of about 3,500 people we’re service around 35,000 people on a regular basis, because of our geographic locaton.”

The study is expected to be completed by mid-February.