Hurricane press Cole Harbour in tourney championship

Jacob Cotton and the Richmond Hurricane hosted the fourth annual Rock You Like a Hurricane tournament last weekend at the Richmond Arena.

LOUISDALE: The Richmond Hurricane hosted the fourth annual Rock You Like a Hurricane high school hockey tournament last weekend, and the host squad managed to make it to the championship game. The Cole Harbour Cavaliers ended up holding the trophy after a 4-1 final.

“We had a chance to feel out Cole Harbour on Friday night, but we lost that one 6-0,” said Richmond coach Robert MacDonald. “We could see that we were getting our chances. We knew everyone was going to get to the semi-finals, so we thought we might get another chance at them.”

Richmond earned a place in the championship by dropping the Inverness/Baddeck Rebels 5-2 in the Sunday semi-final. The other semi-final saw Cole Harbour edge the Dalbrae Dragons 4-0.

Cole Harbour was hard to beat all weekend, as they went 3-0 prior to the Sunday semi-finals. Richmond was 2-1 en route to the championship, with their only loss coming at the hands of Cole Harbour.

The Rebels went 1-2 over Friday and Saturday, and Dalbrae went 0-3.

For the Hurricane, MacDonald said the team did a great job from the pipes out. Luke Sampson was solid in net, helping to lock down solid wins over both Dalbrae and Inverness/Baddeck. Considering that both the Dragons and Rebels are part of the Cape Breton West High School Hockey League, garnering wins over both squads is no small thing, MacDonald said.

“We also faced Inverness on Sunday in the semi-finals, and we knew that would be a tougher game,” he said. “We faced their backup goalie on Saturday, but we knew that wouldn’t be the case on Sunday. He’s one of the best we’ve seen in a while.”

Cole Harbour was a tough team to go up against, the coach acknowledged, which was no surprise considering the numbers a metro team has from which to stock its squad.

MacDonald said the Hurricane played Cole Harbour hard in the championship.

“That game will hopefully translate to bigger things for us in the league,” he said. “It elevated our play to take them on.”

The tournament was a good place to see sportsmanship highlighted, MacDonald noted, as all the players and parents were class acts.

“It was great to see players chatting at centre ice before the game and joking in the stands afterwards,” he said. “We went out to eat with Cole Harbour on Saturday night.

“This weekend was all about nice plays and good goaltending – and good sportsmanship overall.”