Hurricane unable to make championship game

One of the reasons Richmond Academy was able to manage its third consecutive Highland Region banner this year was exceptional defensive play, and one of the mainstays of that play is Dobson Boudreau and his mitt in right centre field.

RIVER BOURGEOIS: The Richmond Hurricane’s luck ran cold last Sunday morning when facing the Barrington Barons in the semi-finals of the Division III boys provincial softball championship.

“It’s a heartbreaking situation for us because we’ve been aiming at that provincial title for awhile and this was another good run at it,” said coach Robert MacDonald, following the 24-23 final that was decided in extra innings.

“We came in as Highland Region champs and we played like Highland Region champs. I told the boys down the line that I couldn’t have asked for more from them. They gave it all they had. I’m super proud of them for the effort they put in all weekend.”

To a large extent, the semi-final game was decided by the conditions as well as skill and effort. The conditions were extremely frosty at the Edwin Bona Field in River Bourgeois, the site of the game, but more important was the wind that accounted for several hits becoming homers.

Richmond Hurricane players (from left) Zack Bond, Ethan Dorey, and Nolan Briand were given a token of recognition for their years with the squad during the opening ceremonies of the Division III provincials.

The Hurricane started the game with a five-run first inning, and the hosts remained in the driver’s seat until the fourth. At that point, Barrington managed to overtake Richmond Academy 12-11. The lead changed hands twice more before the end of the seventh, which left the score tied 22-22.

In the eighth, Richmond managed one run but Barrington, in the bottom of the inning, connected for two runs to earn a place in the banner game.

Making the loss extra tough was that last year’s provincial championship game was between the Hurricane and Barrington, with Barrington winning in the end.

“It is what it is,” MacDonald said. “It just wasn’t in the cards for us this year.

“Everybody had moments today, and it still wasn’t enough to get us over that hump. I’m super proud of the guys and what we had on the bench too. We emptied the arsenal and gave them everything we had. We were back and forth with them, and it was the same thing last year.”

MacDonald said the tournament was a good one from an organizational standpoint, with weather presenting the only real issue. Normally, a Nova Scotia Student Athletic Federation provincials is wrapped up on two days, a Friday and Saturday. This year, with terribly wet weather hitting the area on Saturday, games at both the River Bourgeois field and Louisdale had to be moved to Sunday.

Corporation from the other teams made handling road blocks like that easier, MacDonald said.

The Grade 12 standouts with the SAERC Saints were given a nod at the opening ceremonies of the Division III provincials. Included here are (from left) Matthew Reynolds, Cameron MacDougall, Zach Cameron, Stephen Fox, Jacques Gerrior, and Stewart MacDonald.

“All the other coaches were really corporative and wanted to get things done just like we did,” he said. “A lot of the teams had a lot of fun, played a lot of good ball, and saw a lot of good players from right across the province.”

The coach added that he really appreciated the efforts of graduating players Ethan Dorey, Nolan Briand, and Zack Bond, saying the guys will certainly be missed next season.

The championship game saw the Springhill Eagles defeat Barrington 26-19. That game took place at the Louisdale field.

Also competing at the provincials were the SAERC Saints, who put together a good effort but were unable to make the semifinals.