Jimmy Rankin releases new album and to take tour across Canada

MABOU: Jimmy Rankin has returned to Nova Scotia, after being in Nashville for many years.

Now that he has returned, Rankin will release his East Coast-themed album Moving East on September 28. Rankin is also scheduled to go on tour in the fall.

“I’m a Cape Bretoner at heart, it’s where my roots are,” Rankin said.

Rankin is a member of The Rankin Family, the nationally-acclaimed group from Mabou. He’s also released numerous solo albums, and he’s written singles such as ‘Mull River Shuffle.’

Moving East features many East Coast talents, Rankin said. The album includes J.P Cormier; Ashley MacIsaac; Jamie Robinson (Rankin’s guitar player); and Joel Plaskett as a producer, and many others. Rankin said the music to expect would be folk rock, along with some Celtic.

Rankin is also set to go on tour September 28th, starting in Oshawa, Ontario. He will travel around Canada, and says he’ll be performing the music on Moving East as well as other songs. He says he is excited about the tour, since he has not toured Canada for a number of years. He says after his tour, he will continue to work and be a father.

“It is a cycle, that’s the way it works. The fun thing about it is to write the song, and perform it for people. So that’s why I’m excited to play these songs for people,” Rankin said. “I’m glad to be home.”

For more information, such as tour dates and locations, visit jimmyrankin.com.
Rankin has released a music video for his first single ‘Been Away’, and he says he encourages everyone to have a listen to it, which can also be viewed at his website.