Justice League

In the span of about seven minutes, you can learn all you need to know about why Marvel is winning the comic book movie war.

Sure, I have tried and failed several times to express such a notion but then the two big boys on the block released trailers within two weeks of one another and did my job for me. Which, I guess, is fine. I mean, I didn’t ask them to do that and it was more than a little rude to just jump in and take over, but whatever. I’m okay with it.

Anyway, at the risk of being redundant, I’m going to compare the Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok trailers to show the difference between the approaches of Marvel and DC and why one works over the other.

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Title: This might be the only category in which DC takes any points. That doesn’t mean Justice League is a particularly impressive title, it’s just better than Thor: Ragnarok. Granted the only reason this is the case is because Joe and Jane Average (who are just a lovely couple by the way, I hope they make it) have no idea what Ragnarok means. For the record, it’s basically the Norse deity of Revelation.

Visuals: Justice League looks a lot like Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (for the record, DC would have beat Thor: Ragnarok with that title as well but it would have been much closer), which is to say dark. I don’t mean in terms of tone, I mean everything is dimly lit. I assume that is supposed to relay the dark and serious tone of the DC movies but yeah. Thor on the other hand looks like the rest of the Marvel movies, which is to say bright and colourful, not unlike a comic book. Gee… I wonder if that is what they were going for. Winner: Thor.

Thor: Ragnarok

Soundtrack: In the case of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” in Thor, versus someone other than The Beatles doing “Come Together” in Justice League, I can’t argue what song is better because music is one of those beautiful things where it really doesn’t matter. Songs simply are what they are and we can love them, like them, or leave them. However, I have been humming “Immigrant Song” for the last three days. “Come Together” made me mad because the only reason that DC wanted to use it is because the heroes “Come Together.” Grrr. Winner: Thor.

Witty dialogue: Thor recognizing the Hulk was funny. Batman cracking wise about Aquaman’s assessment of the cape and cowl wardrobe was not. Winner (by a lot): Thor.

General goings on: I have no idea what is happening in Justice League other than the heroes finding each other. At several points, they are fighting flying CGI demon things which should have been exciting but it looked terrible. In Thor, the big man sees his favourite toy, his home gets smashed in rapid succession and he is forced to fight in an arena for the pleasure of Jeff Goldblum. Also, Cate Blanchett is a villain and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki pops up in a couple of places.

Ability to make me want to watch the movie: After that trailer, the only reasons I want to watch Justice League is to see just how bad it is. With Thor, I want to see Goldblum ham it up, I want to see Blanchett as a bad guy, I want to see Loki doing Loki things, and I want to see Thor and Hulk duke it out again. Winner: Thor.

So there we are. The DC and Marvel movie rivalry is so uneven, the least interesting of The Avengers beat the entire Justice League in a head-to-head match-up of trailers. Good luck with your solo movies DC. You might want to think about hanging it up now and saving your investors a lot of money.

I’m done now.

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