STRAIT AREA: A long anticipated milestone has arrived.

Today, Canada becomes the first G7 nation to legalize the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, and in Nova Scotia 12 Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) outlets, including Antigonish, will provide cannabis.

The location at 151 Church Street is 890 square feet and features a stylish, white décor highlighted by bright green, orange, red, purple posters and wording, and also features wooden accent shelves that will house cannabis accessories.

“When you come in the first thing customers are going to see is the cannabis need to know, and that’s our social responsibility program,” said Jennifer Gray, NSLC Senior Communications Manager. “We wanted to make it nice and bright and make it feel like a modern shopping experience.”

Gray said it’s designed for those waiting in line to be greeted by a host who talks about the available products. For additional help, the NSLC has developed a cannabis discover guide where customers will be able to understand the experience profiles, the type of the cannabis, what cannabinoids are, the terpenes that are present, and the flavours of the cannabis.

Cannabis will be categorized under four experiences; Relax, Unwind, Centre, and Enhance. Relax are indica-dominant strains that are generally more focused in the body than the mind. Unwind are indica-leaning hybrids and typically offer a soothing effect and felt throughout the body and mind. Centre are sativa-leaning hybrid that provide balanced experiences in the body and mind. Enhance are sativa-dominant strains and offer livelier experiences focused more on the mind than the body.

In order to purchase cannabis in Nova Scotia, people must be at least the legal age, 19-year-old, and provide a valid government-issued photo ID. According to the Cannabis Act, Canadians will be able to purchase and posses up to 30 grams. Along with in-store purchases, Nova Scotians can obtain cannabis through the NSLC Web site:

The 12 trained employees at the Antigonish location went through extensive training in partnership with MADD Canada and Lift & Co. – a national company that educates Canadians for the legal cannabis industry.

The NSLC will sell recreational cannabis in five formats; pre-packaged dried cannabis flowers, pre-rolled joints, seeds, cannabis oil and gel caps.

When the NSLC placed its initial order for recreational cannabis in late August, from 14 different Canadian Licensed Producers (LP), they announced an order of 3.75-million grams with a total of 15-million grams within the first year. In addition, a total of 282 cannabis products would be offered with a selection of 78 strains of cannabis. On October 11, the NSLC announced it will not have as much cannabis as anticipated to sell on day one.


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