Like it or not, the U.S. is stuck with Trump

The Trump Presidency can be considered a disaster now, right?

I mean, what is going on? He’s managed to pretty much unite everyone who wasn’t in his camp from the get-go, has he not? At this point, I am not sure who he still has in his corner but I’m pretty sure I’d want none of those people in my corner. Granted, I’d rather people leave me alone altogether but here we are.

I find the idea of people getting upset over athletes taking a knee is very odd. The U.S. is a country with a history of weird protests. The Boston Tea Party: A bunch of demonstrators threw a tea shipment into Boston Harbour and it was one of the sparks for the American Revolution. If that is considered okay, why is taking a knee during a football game considered unpatriotic? Just leaving the why of the protest on the sidelines (sports metaphor for the win), Yankees tend to pride themselves on being the nation with the most rights and freedoms. Protesting, whether or not you like the message, is protected by those freedoms. It’s the same right afforded to people during the Civil Rights movement, the aforementioned Tea Party, and the hippies in the 1960s who spoke out against the Vietnam War.

Now, you could ask, doesn’t this mean you support the sorts of protesting done by the gits in Charlottesville? Well, I definitely don’t support the people behind the protests, nor do I support their message, but they have the right to say what they want… just as I have the right to call them idiots and ignore them or take part in a counter protest.

It’s odd to me that Trump made a show of coming out hard against the NFLers but referred to the Charlottesville Alt-Righters as “very fine people.” That’s a pretty clear indication of where his loyalties lie, is it not?

I hold out no hope of a Trump impeachment, just as I hold out no hope the Democrats will field a candidate capable of beating Trump in three years. It’s possible but no one thought he’d get out of the primaries two years ago. Yet, here we are, after about 11 months or so, and not only is he a failure in the eye of the majority of the public, but he also can’t get anything done politically.

One of the big issues for Republicans is the defeat of the Affordable Care Act. I am not sure where it stands because I can’t really trust what comes out of Trump’s mouth. Last week, he partially blamed the lack of repeal on a yes-vote senator being in the hospital. It turns out the guy was not. He is now claiming he has the votes for the repeal and expected a vote on legislation in the first three months of 2018.

While this is entirely possible, I can’t see how anyone believes him.

I’m really tired of writing about this guy. It’s truly disturbing watching what is happening in the States and I feel bad for folks who did what they could to make sure Trump didn’t become their president. Now they and the rest of the country are stuck with a man who shouldn’t be allowed to run a McDonalds.

I’m done now.