PORT HOOD: Councillors from Inverness County are looking forward to chatting with the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Lloyd Hines, regarding a number of issues throughout the municipality.

“We’re paying money [to the province] to clear the roads, but nobody comes unless somebody calls to have the road cleared,” said Deputy Warden Alfred Poirier. “This has to stop. I will not tolerate this.

“We need the J-Roads cleared just like everybody else. We’re in 2018.”

Poirier, speaking at last week’s council meeting, said it would also be good to be updated on the possibility of paving J-roads in the municipality. He said he’d be agreeable to having a cost-sharing deal with the province.

Councillor Laurie Cranton said a number of councillors have issues about local roads they’d like to bring to Hines’ attention. Councillor John MacLennan, for example, said ditching in the Whycocomagh area needs work, and Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie read a letter from a homeowner on MacKinnon Road in Hayes River who mentioned that her road is in dire need of repair.

“I’ve been down roads that are all slush and water, and they’re going to be like that until spring,” said MacLennan. “They need to get a contractor in – not transportation themselves. The supervisors will say it’s good enough.”

Acting CAO Tanya Tibbo asked that each councillor prepare a list of issues prior to the meeting with Hines “so that we can remain focused and there may be some requests that are addressed in the province’s five-year plan.”

Poirier put a motion forward to set up a meeting with the minister regarding plowing, ditching, and paving.