MacMaster happy to see road improvements coming

INVERNESS COUNTY: Local MLA Allan MacMaster is pleased to see that work on Inverness County Roads is coming.

“I want to make sure we get our fair share,” MacMaster told The Reporter last week, just days after issuing a press release detailing a list of Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal projects slated for the county.

“There are quite a few roads getting work this year, but I also know there are people on roads that aren’t getting done,” he said. “I’d like them to know I’m not forgetting about them. Many other roads need attention, and I will continue to recommend an increase in the rural road maintenance budget.”

MacMaster said he’s been quite vocal with his comments to the McNeil Liberals about roads in Inverness County. He added that some local gravel roads will benefit from a new gravel road reconstruction budget, and the proposed $30 million over seven years to improve safety on non-twinned highways may help to address issues on the highway in Whycocomagh and at the Port Hastings Rotary.

“I probably sound like a broken record on [increases to the rural road maintenance budget] but it’s something that means a lot for our area because we have so many roads,” he said. “Anybody living in a rural area knows that’s an important budget.

“I honestly think their gravel road reconstruction budget that they started just before the last election had something to do with me constantly complaining. Some of the gravel roads that needed more than your standard maintenance, I recommended that they be allowed to be included in the capital program. That’s kind of what that gravel road reconstruction budget is.

“There’s been some response to what I’ve been saying. If you don’t ask, you probably aren’t going to get it.

In the Waycobah and Whycocomagh area, Reservation Road will be repaved, the Whycocomagh-Port Hood Road in Roseburn will have sections re-constructed, and Vi’s Restaurant will be torn down as part of a future plan to improve safety at the intersection of the Trans-Canada Highway 105 and Route 252 / Main Street.

In the Mabou area, the East Skye Glen Road, the Lake Ainslie Chapel Road and the MacKinnon Road will all see reconstruction, and the Mabou Harbour Road will receive 7km of repaving.

In the Port Hood area, work on Captain’s River Bridge on Route 19 has been delayed because of a disagreement about the design of the new structure. About 7km of paving starting just north of the Joe Effie Road toward Port Hood and crossing that bridge will be completed later this summer.

Streets in Cheticamp will receive asphalt paving, and improvements are planned for Bourgeois Road and Island Light Road.

In the Margaree area, a bridge on the East Big Intervale Road and the Cranton Cross Road Bridge are expected to be replaced next year (2019). The Cranton will be designed as a single span to avoid the debris which regularly collects on the piers of the current bridge.

In Inverness, the Banks Road paving will be completed and the Lakeview Road (off Strathlorne-Scotsville) will receive ditching and graveling. As part of a safety review of streets in Inverness, four new crosswalks are planned along Central Avenue to access the boardwalk, Mill Road Enterprises, Cabot Links Golf Course and a new beach path at the north end of the village.

In the Strait area, Kings Road will receive ditching and graveling, and Centotaph Road will receive just over 3km of repaving to complete a section ending in West Bay.