For many years community members have made their way to St. Margaret of Scotland Church in River Denys for the “Mass on the Mountain,” a yearly gathering in early March that draws attendees from nearby communities.
Father Hughie D. MacDonald, 92, has been officiating this mass for the past 20 years, donning a snowsuit and riding on a snowmobile out to St. Margaret’s. Father Hughie is looking forward to next year’s trip. “Even if I’m retired, I want you to call me for this and we’ll see if I can make it.”
Although the receding snow made it difficult for many to attend, 65 determined congregation members made their way by snowmobile, ATV or by foot four kilometers in the woods from where the snowplows stopped.
Built in 1841, St. Margaret of Scotland Church in River Denys is the oldest standing building in Inverness County.
The “Mass on the Mountain” in River Denys is an annual event that never fails to attract a crowd.
Afterwards, attendees made a stop at the Cape Clear Snowmobile Club for a cup of tea and a chat.