Crews with the Canadian Coast Guard brought cement from the West Arichat breakwater to Jerseyman’s Island for the new lighthouse guarding Arichat harbour.

HALIFAX: A former local lighthouse is getting a replacement.

Stephen Bornais, communications advisor with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, said the Canadian Coast Guard determined the Jerseyman’s Island Lighthouse off Arichat was at the end of its life expectancy. However, a design and review assessment also determined the lighthouse was still required to assist naval navigation in the area.

“The structure is being completely replaced by a new building this fall,” stated Bornais.

“Dismantling of this salt-shaker styled aid to navigation has begun and a new concrete foundation has been poured.”

Contributed photo
The old salt-shaker style lighthouse on Jerseyman’s Island is being replaced with a new structure.

The new structure will include a pre-fabricated aluminum frame, which is being prepared with windows, cladding, and siding in Dartmouth. A truck will transport the lighthouse in a couple of pieces from Dartmouth to Isle Madame. From there the parts will be flown via helicopter to Jerseyman’s Island.

“The frame will then be assembled on the new foundation, and the cupola will be installed to hold a new light,” stated Bornais.

“Once completed, the new structure will very closely resemble Bull Point Light in Sambro, Nova Scotia and the goal is to construct a building that will require very little maintenance for more than 25 years.”

As for a timeline, Bornais said the work in Dartmouth is still underway. He said they are hoping to finish the project by the end of the month.