Donald Trump

As promised, here is my best and worst moments column. I likely won’t have another column until the next year so I will ask that you do your best to keep one another safe over the holidays.

Worst moment of 2016: While there was a fair amount of competition, I would have to say Donald Trump winning the American presidential election will reign as the worst moment of 2016.

I joke a lot that I have no faith in humanity but the truth is, up until recently, there was the tiniest of embers inside my hardened, crusty heart. I thought, “Hey, they can’t all be horrible.”

While I still, somehow, agree we aren’t all bad, there are enough bad hombres out there to give the rest of us a bad name. Case in point, Trump winning the election.

Yep, the Tang-tinted dime store James Bond villain from television ran for, and won, one of the most important elected seats in the world. His experience? None. His qualifications? A big bank account and a lack of shame. His platform? I’m not sure of the specifics but it has something to do with disliking everyone who isn’t rich and or white.

I rolled my eyes when he announced his candidacy. I was genuinely surprised when he started gaining momentum, but I thought he would limp out of the primaries with his fragile ego shattered and his wallet a little thinner. Nope, he kept gaining ground and eventually won the Republican nomination.

Even with that evidence, I didn’t think he had a chance. I just assumed the Republicans were throwing in the towel, like when they let Sarah Palin run as vice president.

But here we are. Despite losing the popular vote by almost three million votes, Trump stands as the American president-elect.

I asked myself how this happened and the only answer I can come up with is everyone who knew better let it happen.

Best moment of 2016: When I was writing this column and realized I couldn’t earnestly say everyone one is terrible. Perhaps I am getting silly as I get older. Perhaps my sense of community is growing. It might even be the holiday spirit creeping in.

I mock this Christmas nonsense every year and yet every year I find myself a little happier than normal come late December. I smile back when people smile at me and the world seems like a decent place, if only for a few days.

Whatever it is, I have not given up entirely on the human race. We do good things from time to time. Look at the Hadhad family in my hometown. They came here with next to nothing. Local residents helped them out and now they are running a business with national exposure and our Prime Minister told their story to the United Nations. How can anyone hear such a story and not be a little proud of what people can accomplish?

Anyway, even with the whole Trump thing, I think people will persevere. I think folks will fight the good fight, we will see progress, and we will make sure the 2016 streak of hard luck was little more than a terrible anomaly.

I’m done now.