NDP ready for upcoming election – Burrill

PORT HAWKESBURY: With a potential spring election on the horizon, the province’s NDP leader is pleased with the people serving as the party’s the candidates.

Nova Scotia NDP leader Gary Burrill, who passed through the area last Sunday for the Cape Breton-Richmond NDP nomination meeting for Larry Keating, said his party began preparing for an election some time ago.

He said the NDP have candidates in all the Strait area ridings except for Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie but “we will soon.”

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“Our platform is being finalized this weekend,” he said, he is moved by the caliber of candidates the NDP is sporting.

“We have a majority of our provincial slate of candidates in place and we’re moving quickly to fill in the places that aren’t yet filled. So we’re very close to ready to go.”

Burrill said the province does not need more cuts but more investment in health care and opportunities.

“We’ve got a pretty wonderful group of people ready to stand together to represent this view and Larry Keating is one of them” he said.

While the NDP won’t officially release its platform until the election is called, Burrill said it is easy to predict some of the basic items. He said the NDP, if elected, will reverse funding cuts to nursing homes and work to decrease poverty in the province. Some of the poverty reduction work, said Burrill, will include a $15 minimum wage and what he called a comprehensive income supplement program.

“We’ve been pushing very hard for our position that there should be no tuition whatsoever at the Nova Scotia Community College,” he said.

“We’ve costed this out. We know that it will cost slightly over $30 million. We think it’s the best investment the people of Nova Scotia could make in the younger generation to improve people’s skills and opportunities.”