PORT HAWKESBURY: Gateway Hyundai in Port Hawkesbury is set to undergo construction of a brand-new dealership.

Construction will begin in July, and the new state-of-the-art flagship dealership will open and start selling vehicles in early 2018.

The announcement promises new jobs for the area, as the company expects to employ up to 20 employees, including up to seven service technicians, detailing staff, two people at the service counter, and six in management and sales. Other jobs will include administration and support.

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The building will have a footprint of 12,000 square feet and include a 900-square foot upper level mezzanine. Building features include a full-service maintenance shop complete with drive-in garage bay for customer convenience, detailing and wash bay, undercoating facility, seven maintenance stalls, and full-scale parts and service counter.

The showroom will be large enough to house up to seven vehicles and hold sales and management offices as well. Archibald & Fraser Architects LTD of Antigonish was hired to create the design and drawings for the project, and Joneljim Concrete Construction LTD of Sydney is the general contractor.

“This is a big deal for the Hyundai brand here in Cape Breton,” says Todd Barrett, General Manager of Gateway Hyundai. “We are very excited to not only move into a new state of the art facility, but to share a fresh new brand with our customers, and to have them experience and be able to look at our products in a fresh new way.

“Hyundai has big aspirations to be the number one loved automotive maker in the world. Here at Gateway, we want to live up to that brand promise and educate the public and show that our products are truly perfect for life here in the quad counties.

“We love our products, and we look forward to spreading that love into your home.”

The timing of the new dealership comes at a pivotal time for the automotive manufacturer.

“Over the next 12 months we will be seeing a new line up of Hyundai vehicles arrive at our doorstep, and we will be very excited to see these for ourselves,” said Barrett. “Vehicles like the stylish Kona subcompact crossover, which will arrive at about the same time as the new dealership opens its doors. We already have interest and the word is getting out; you will love these cars, and you will love their price points.”

The flagship Hyundai dealership will be a first of its kind in Nova Scotia. It will incorporate a fresh new look that Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. started to roll out for its new dealerships in 2014. Since then, all new Hyundai building designs reflect a Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) initiative, meaning all Hyundai dealerships across the world will have the same look and customer experience as you will see in the new flagship Port Hawkesbury store.

The colour scheme on the exterior of the building will represent a change from what you are used to seeing at a typical Hyundai dealership. The blue and white exterior that is currently found on my Hyundai dealerships is being replaced with a bronze coloured roof structure. Hyundai’s signature blue hue will remain as an accent colour throughout the interior of the dealership. The interior will also feature modern, premium furniture, a customer lounge, as well as new, digital kiosks that enhance and facilitate the customer shopping experience.

“We are very excited to have a new home in Port Hawkesbury,” said Don Romano, President and CEO for Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. “We have seen great potential for our products in this market and we know the team at Gateway Hyundai will step up to the challenges and opportunities that are ahead. No doubt, consumers will love this new building and congratulations to everyone involved.”