One regular season game left in RABA

STRAIT AREA: There is one game remaining in the regular season of the Richmond Amateur Baseball Association (RABA). And it’s a big one.

Tomorrow night (August 10) the Isle Madame Mariners will host the Petit de Grat Red Caps for a 7 p.m. start at the Petit de Grat field.

First place in the league is on the line, as the Red Caps are .5 games behind the first place Little Anse Hawks (13-6-1). Should the Red Caps come out on top, Petit de Grat will finish the season with an identical record as that of the Hawks. However, based on their head-to-head record, the Red Caps will finish in first place.

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Should the Mariners (11-8) win, the Hawks will finish first, the Red Caps second, and the Mariners third.

Rounding out the league are the Inverness Athletics (10-10), the Port Hawkesbury Bucs (8-12), and the St. Peter’s Royals (4-16).

In action from last Saturday, the Athletics scored a pair of wins over the Hawks. The two teams battled for the league championship last season, with the Hawks coming out on top. Last Saturday in Inverness, the Athletics won 2-1 and 13-10.

On Wednesday of last week, the Royals pulled an upset on the Bucs in St. Peter’s. The final was 10-6.

Vince Pottie pitched the full game for the Royals, and Peter Clow took the loss for the Bucs.

Leading offense for the Royals were Marvin MacLean, with a home run and three RBIs, and Steven Campbell, going two-for-five with two RBIs. Port Hawkesbury’s lead men were Scott Goyetche, going four-for-five with an RBI, and Kyle Mcnamara, three-for-six with an RBI.

On Tuesday of last week, the Hawks beat the Bucs twice in 14-8 and 14-7 finals.

Clem Fougere pitched the win in the 14-8 final, with Jacques Gerroir taking the loss. Leading hitters were Hawk Craig Richards, two singles and three RBIs; Hawk Ryan Sampson, two singles and three RBIs; Buc Peter Clow, three singles and two RBIs; and Buc Greg Rioux, with a double, a single, and two RBIs.

In the 14-7 final, Hawk Justin Delorey pitched the win and Gerroir took the loss.

Top hitters included Hawk Ryan Sampson, with two singles, a double, and three RBIs; Hawk Tyler Babin, with three singles and two RBIs; Buc Peter Clow, with three singles and two RBIs; and Buc Lucien Gerroir, a single, a double, and an RBI.