Pirate AGM coming up

PORT HAWKESBURY: The Strait Pirates Junior Hockey Club will soon hold its Annual General Meeting.

“We’ll get some official business done, and part of that will be to fill up the slate of directors,” said Pirate President Adam Rodgers. “We had people on three-year terms, but some from last year only signed on for a year or two. That’s by design, so that the board won’t need to be replaced every three years. A third of the board had a one-year term, so they’ll either have to be renewed or replaced.

“New blood always helps freshen up an organization. They add new ideas, and it keeps everybody else on their best behaviour.”

Three new board members are expected, but there could be a fourth as well.

The meeting takes place this Wednesday, July 11, at 7 p.m. in the Shannon Studio at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre. According to its bylaws, the team is required to hold an AGM inside three months of the end of the season.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but anyone wanting to vote on a motion has to be a member. Membership is $100 for adults and $50 for students. That would have to be paid either before or at the AGM, in order to cast a vote this Wednesday.

“We’re going to have a discussion on the year past, and have some conversation on the ways we can improve the organization next year,” Rodgers said.