Our rural communities are constantly struggling against the ideology of shutting down our resources and moving it all to Halifax.

Now, based on a $70,000 report that is riddled with gross factual errors, the current Nova Scotia Government is threatening to completely eliminate all local democratically elected school boards in the province – with zero public debate. Last year, two local schools in our community came under threat. If this goes through, we’ll be dealing with unelected government appointees in Halifax, instead of locally elected and accountable representatives.

If that happens, who will listen to Antigonish the next time those schools are on the chopping block? The Nova Scotia Government must pause this mad rush and talk with the public in an open and honest dialogue. Do a town hall. Present you case. Why would this be a good idea? What is the reasoning behind it? Answer questions from the general public (your constituents). Does the government view stand up to scrutiny?


If this is such a good idea and it’s so important, why not do it openly and democratically?

Patrick Yancey