Random thoughts

Sorry folks. I wasn’t able to hit Wonder Woman this week so I’ll have to postpone my commentary. I will get it to you next week.

In the mean time, it’s random thought time. Here we go.

First of all, the hubbub (I love that word) about the James Comey testimony. I would love to believe this is all leading somewhere. However, I doubt it will do anything more than poke holes in Trump’s chances next time around.

Granted that is a fairly noble cause but I still refuse to pay attention. Why? I’m just going to get my heart broken. I believed my political associates when they said Trump had no chance. “Look at the polls,” they said. “There is no way he can win.” Then the stars aligned in a truly horrible fashion and we are seven months deep into President Trump. Good lord.

President Trump. It still doesn’t feel real. Every time I type those two words together, it feels like sarcasm or the part of a terrible movie I’d only watch about 15 times. I want him gone. The longer he stays in office, the more damage he can do not only to the Red, White, and Blue but also the rest of the bloody planet. I mean, he walked out of the Paris Climate Change Accord.

I’m not a big fan of people or things but there are more diplomatic ways of being a jerk. I am not sure how this whole mess will play out but Republicans and Democrats alike will have no one to blame but themselves in 10 years when recalling what has to be one of the most embarrassing moments in American politics.

Personally, I think the only winner here is George W. Bush. You couldn’t call him the worst president of all time before, because he managed to win two terms in office. Now you can’t even call him the most embarrassing president of all time because of Trump. I wonder if he sent a Thank You card to Donald or just went all in and bought him flowers.

Secondly, I’ve started coming out of my shell a bit lately and I do not like the results. People are talking to me more and asking me how I am doing. Look folks, I thank you for the thought but I am quite fine just being angry in the corner. I declined seeing Wonder Woman during opening weekend because it turned into a group thing and I can barely stand one or two people let alone a group. I went so far as to buy a ticket and everything. Still, the thought of being part of a group of people where I know the names of maybe three people in the group is ridiculous so I bowed out.

Then no less than two of those people asked me why I wasn’t there. Good lord. Do I need help with social anxiety? Obviously. Is asking me about it going to help? A thousand times no. Seriously, I am fine. Let’s keep a safe distance from the curmudgeonly misanthrope and everyone will be happier. I assure you.

I’m done now.

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Antigonish native Matt Draper has been a photographer, reporter and columnist for The Reporter since 2003.