It’s been a week or three since my last random thoughts column, so how about a new one?

Sure, the demand is low, but that’s only because the quality of the columns is also low, so it balances out. (I’m not sure that made sense but I’m going with it anyway. You can argue if you want, but I can’t hear you, so you’re yelling at your newspaper for no reason. Seriously, you look silly. Calm down.)

I don’t know how to feel about Logan, the third and final installment of the Wolverine series. It was easily the best of the trilogy, though that’s not entirely high praise considering the lackluster efforts thus far. Actually, lackluster is giving them too much credit. There was maybe 30 watchable minutes in the first two Wolverine movies combined.

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Anyway, Logan tells the story of an aging and all-but-worn-out superhero who lives in a world where he’s no longer needed.

I saw the film in theatres twice so I obviously didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. It definitely could have lost a few minutes in the editing process (it clocks in at two hours and 17 minutes) and some of the naughty words were only in there because the writers were allowed to get away with them, but overall it was decent. The bad guy was flat but it wasn’t your standard bad-guy-versus-good-guy fare. It was more “guy reluctantly tries to do good but finds he’s only built for the hard side of justice,” if that makes any sense. I don’t want to offer any spoilers so I can only say it seemed like a fitting end to Weapon X but it wasn’t your standard superhero film.

With that said, I definitely enjoyed the teaser/trailer/amuse bouche that was Deadpool’s preamble to Logan. I am nervous when a sequel comes out for something I like, I can’t imagine anything can live up to the hype in my own head and I am not sure separating from the director of the original was a good idea but… here I am hoping and against all manner of common sense that Deadpool 2 will be at least as enjoyable as the first. I also hope the success of the first won’t affect the creative freedom of the second.

The last thing a weird superhero movie needs is someone trying to make it even more likeable and accessible. Good lord, please don’t let there be an alternate version parents can take their kids to go see. It’s not that I want to deprive kids, I just don’t want a watered-down product.

Finally, for anyone wondering why things like International Women’s Day exist, look no further than former Canadian federal judge Robin Camp, who recently stepped down after a disciplinary committee recommended he be ousted.

And why did the committee want him ousted? He once asked a 19-year-old why she couldn’t keep her legs together during a sexual assault trial. The kicker? He made these comments during a provincial trial in 2014. He was selected as a federal judge in 2015. Please remember this the next time you decide to try and prove why feminism isn’t needed these days.

I’m done now.

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Antigonish native Matt Draper has been a photographer, reporter and columnist for The Reporter since 2003.