P.F.C. Alfred Landry of Petit de Grat was one of many Isle Madame residents who assisted the American war effort in Korea.

In 1897 Bertram Bourinot began the Richmond County Record, a periodical that lasted for almost 80 years. Marshall Bourinot worked with his father and continued the paper into the 1970s. The following are excerpts from the Richmond County Record of September 1, 1951:

“Petit de Grat: In Korea: the following is taken from the news bulletin the Hour Glass printed for the troops in Korea and relates a story about P.F.C. Alfred Landry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albany Landry of Petit de Grat. A copy of the Hour Glass was sent to his wife in Medford, Mass. the former Irene Boudreau, daughter of Mrs. Eugene Boudreau, Petit de Grat.

“Alfred will be returning to the USA on a rotation leave in October and it is the wish of his relatives and friends that he will return safe and sound. A warm welcome awaits him at home.


“From the Hour Glass: Hair-Clipper, P.F.C. Alfred J. Landry likes a short ‘cut’ and his 31st Regiment buddies who have seen him in action behind a mounted .50 caliber machine gun will agree he does a good job – in more ways than one.

“Landry of ‘Baker’ Company, divides his time between routine barbering and care of a rear guard machine gun. In a recent hill attack, he gave his customers a clipping close enough to compare with a barber school shearing.

“’The Chinese were giving us a tough time on the hill,’ relates P.F.C. Joseph Comeau, ‘and we needed plenty of support fire. So Landry got his machine gun working just behind us.’

“’It was like the infiltration course back in the States with the bullets whizzing overhead, but Landry cut it close. We had to keep down from both him and the Communists. It helped us win the hill.’

“’Chopper’ admits the boys feel safe under his clippers than the bullets but claims, ‘They shouldn’t. I have a steady hand and besides I didn’t come within six inches of anybody up there – except the Chinese.’

“Poirierville: Clancey Joyce of Watertown, Mass. was a recent visitor at the home of his sister, Mrs. Alphonse Britten. This was Mr. Joyce’s first visit to his native D’Escousse in 30 years. He was accompanied by his wife.

“Poulamon: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Fougere and their son Roy accompanied by Bill Wallace all of Brooklyn, N.Y. are visiting at the home of Mrs. Alvenia Fougere. This is Mr. Fougere’s first visit to his native home in 28 years. May they enjoy their stay.

“West Arichat: A very pretty wedding was solemnized in the Immaculate Conception Church, West Arichat, on Monday when Rev. Fr. Doucet united in marriage Doris Forgeron of this place and Raymond Thibeau of Petit de Grat.

“The bride looked lovely in a street length dress of white slipper satin trimmed with rich embroidery, gathered bodice and flowing skirt. Her long embroidered veil was held in place by a halo crown and she carried a shower bouquet of lilies of the valley embossed in maidens hair fern and satin streamers. She wore a double strand of pearls with matching earrings gift of the groom.

“Bridesmaids were Misses Lucille and Mildred Forgeron who were dressed in blue and pink gowns respectively, with matching headdress. The bouquets were of pink roses.

“Alzear Boudreau and Joe Dugas supported the groom.

“A reception was held at the bride’s home where supper was served to a number of invited guests.

“They will reside in West Arichat.”