Richmond hires new interim CAO

Search continues for full time CAO

ARICHAT: Council has a new interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and is looking for a full-timer.

Last week, the Municipality of Richmond County announced the hiring of Louis Digout as interim CAO. Digout, who served as the county’s CAO before retiring in early 2009, began serving on July 24.

Richmond Warden Brian Marchand said the contract for previous interim CAO Maris Freimanis, who started serving in December, ended on June 30. He also said one of the first priorities for Digout will be establishing a budget.

“I think it’s going to be okay,” said Marchand.

Council met with the province’s Department of Municipal Affairs on July 17. Marchand said the province wanted to know the municipality’s plan on hiring an interim CAO, as well as the plan for hiring someone to fill the position full-time.

When asked about the plan for a full-time CAO, Marchand said they want one as soon as possible and council will be posting ads within the next week to two weeks.

“It’s hard to say,” said Marchand when asked when council would like to have someone for the job.

“It could be a three months, could be two months, could be four months.”

Ron Dauphinee, a senior policy advisory with the Department of Municipal Affairs, advised council in early July to “move quickly” on hiring a full-time CAO and the ensure transparency for all of its activities until the process is finished.

Freimanis filled in after former CAO Warren Olsen resigned from the post last October.