ARICHAT: The municipality is working to meet a new deadline to apply for a federal program examining infrastructure.

Richmond Public Works Director Chris Boudreau told council during the September 24 regular monthly meeting in Arichat that the because of the volume of applications received so far for the Federation of Canadian Municipality’s (FCM) municipal asset management program, a new deadline of October 23 has been established for applications, rather than the previous deadline of June 2020.

Because of the new deadline to apply, Boudreau said council’s approval is required to proceed with an application to cover 80 per cent of project costs, which would provide up to $50,000 in funding and would involve a financial commitment of 20 per cent or $12,500 from the municipality.

Richmond Warden Brian Marchand is confident the municipality can meet that new deadline.

“Our public works director has been talking about this for quite some time,” Marchand said.

“There was only a certain amount of money so [Boudreau] wants to get our application in to get it approved before the next budget session, then we’ll budget the extra $12,500 if we get approved.”

The warden added that asset mapping is very important in any future plans.

“A group will come in, see what we have and kind’ve have a list of what work needs to be done so the public works director can plan for the future.”