Another example of how outside-the-box thinking that can greatly benefit the Strait area took place recently during a community festival.

For the annual Seaside Lobsterfest, two local fishermen volunteered to become tour guides, which attracted approximately 250 people.

The tours hosted people from as far away as China, Sweden and Germany, as other parts of North America. Organizers said the tours particularly struck a chord with children.

Fishermen Scott Touesnard and George Mombourquette hauled-up simulated traps and let tourists study the lobster. The third and final trap, set up with purchased lobsters, included a nine-pound lobster which was approximately 50 years old.

As Mombourqette noted, the tours offered a “more personal” and unique experience for visitors.

The second year of the Seaside Lobsterfest, which ran from July 9-16 in Richmond County, offered a roster of events celebrating the fishery, including a tour of Lobsters ‘R Us, food experiences, entertainment, and local arts and crafts.

Clearly, the tours were a big hit with tourists and local residents, and demonstrated how new and unusual events like this can rejuvenate festivals and offer tourists something different at the same time.

It is encouraging that many long-running festivals continue to have success with the same popular events and activities, especially with the local population, but sometimes thinking outside-the-box can yield surprising results.

The organizers of the Seaside Lobsterfest knocked this one out-of-the-park.