The gravel/asphalt pit in Seaview Richmond County is still operating on a full scale and will continue operating more this month, and could continue later on into December. The empty and fully-loaded trucks are using the Mountain, Morrison, Sporting, and Grant Roads.

There is a concern on the Grant Road for the residents, truck drivers and the motoring public having to use this road. The one-and-a-quarter mile section of secondary roadway has never been upgraded to handle this type of heavy truck volume. The Grant Road is very narrow with blind turns, vision affected by roadside alders, a real bad S-shaped turn, and three busted road culverts.

In the late spring of this year, the Grant Road was graveled and partly ditched but not nearing the TLC this section of secondary roads needs to handle the volume of heavy truck traffic on a daily basis, sometimes seven days a week. Residents, truck drivers and the motoring public are cruising on an uncontrolled crash course along this section of Grant Road.


No one is asking for a paved Grant Road, we are only looking for reassurance from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to deal with this safety issue by upgrading the road to meet the needs of all the users today and in the future.

Caution signs indicating hauling trucks should be posted at both ends of the Grant Road until the road problem can be solved. It would help some motorists to expect the unknown dangers on Grant Road.

Clarence Landry