February 5, 1918: Francois Muise, son of Patrick Muise and Martha Jeanne Boudrot, married Alice Boudrot, daughter of Cleophas Boudrot and Alice Boudrot, witnesses were not recorded

February 5, 1918: Thomas James Kehoe, son of Thomas Kehoe and Annie McGrath, married Arthemise Kavanagh, daughter of Daniel Kavanagh and Marguerite Poirier, witnesses were not recorded.

February 24, 1918: John Edmund Bonin, son of Modeste Bonin and Virginie Poirier, married Marie Petitpas, daughter of Constant Petitpas and Angele Deroche, witnesses were not recorded

April 10, 1918: Charles McDonald, son of Charles McDonald and Nanan (Anne Nancy) Petitpas, married Eva Jeanne LeBlanc, daughter of Hyppoilus LeBlanc & Maria Fougere, witnesses were Simon LeBlanc and Eva Boudreau

August 12, 1918: William John Joseph Hearn, son of Michel Hearn and Margaret Britten, married Marie Julia Petitpas, parents were not recorded, witnesses Henry Doyle and Annie Petitpas

January 20, 1919: Thomas James Kehoe, son of James Kehoe and Gertrude Landry, married Agnes McGrath, daughter of Thomas McGrath and Nellie McDonald, witnesses were Patrick Kehoe and Elizabeth Petitpas

No date given: William Hearn, son of Henry Hearn and Jane Kehoe, married Martha O’Mullins, daughter of Patrick O’Mullins and Elizabeth Kehoe, witnesses were James Kehoe and Josephine Kavanagh

September 15, 1919: Paul Fougere, widower of Anne McDonald, married Sabine McDonald, widow of Edouard McDonald, witnesses were Charles H. Josse and Adele Josse

November 17, 1919: Etienne Fougere married Adelaide Landry, parents were not in the record, witnesses were Alexander Landry and Marie Fougere

November 17, 1919 : Abraham Langlois, son of Fidele Langlois and Marie Giroir, married Henriette Anne McDonald, daughter of Urbain McDonald and Marie Landry, witnesses were Ambrose Langlois and Anne Poirier

November 19, 1919: Numas Samson, married Marie Bina Marchand, parents were not in the record, witnesses were Francois Landry and Marie Fougere

January 20, 1920: Walter James Harding, son of James Harding and Julie Bourque, married Evangeline Gould, widow of James Gould and daughter of Dominique Fougere and Alvina Fougere, witnesses were Alphonse McDonald and Alice Fougere

March 29, 1921: Wilfred Arthur Cordeau, son of George Cordeau and Jeanne McDonald, married Hortense Lena Poirier, daughter of Celestin Poirier and Jeanne Josse, witnesses were Alfred Cordeau and Marie Cordeau

March 28, 1921 : Jacques Bonaventure Landry, son of Felix Landry and Julie Poirier, married Marie D. Fougere, daughter of Paul Fougere and Marie LeBlanc, witnesses were Alphonse Fougere and Lillian Fougere

March 29, 1921: Alphonse Wilfred Cordeau (born June 8, 1897), married Hortense Lena Poirier

April 11, 1921: Victor Elie Cordeau, son of George Cordeau and Jeanne McDonald, married Josephine Baccardax, daughter of Agapit Baccardax and Anne Poirier, witnesses were Harvey Burke and Blanche Poirier

All marriages were officiated by Rev. W. A. Boucher