St. Hyacinth’s Parish marriage records

January 20, 1908: John MacDonald of Arichat (son of Angus MacDonald and Mary Normuth), married Marie Elizabeth Poirier (daughter of Elie Poirier, Captain and Julie LeBlanc), witnesses were John Forrest and Seraphine MacDonald

January 11, 1908: Freddie Fougere married Marie Anne Boudrot, witnesses were William Fougere and Marine Boudrot

January 17, 1908: Charles Neuma Pertus married Jane Elizabeth LeBlanc, present James X. Pertus and Mary Marcelline LeBlanc, marriage witnesses James Xavier Pertus and Marcelline LeBlanc


July 13, 1908: Arthur Boursel (Broussell), widower of Anne Madon, married Marie Genevieve Landry, daughter of Charles Landry and Louise Bourque, witnesses were Angus Bonin and Eugenie Poirier

December 20, 1908: Charles Theophilus Doyle (son of Phillip Doyle and Margaret Luce), married Blanche Henrietta Keating (daughter of Nicholas Keating and Margaret McGrath), witnesses were Thomas Doyle and Maggie Keating

November 23, 1908: Hubert Fougere married Adeline Richard, witnesses were Monsieur T. Dunn and Simon Boudreau

January 18, 1909: Pierre Auguste Benjamin Coiffe, son of Benjamin Benott Coiffe, married Anne Josse, daughter of Maxime Josse and Henriette Boudreau, witnesses were Benjamin Coiffe and Obeline Josse

February 1, 1909: Albini Fougere (son of Hyppolite ‘Paul’ Fougere and Marie Anne ‘Marine’ Samson), married Cecile Boudreau (daughter of Jean ‘Johnney’ Boudrot and Jenore Jeanne ‘Jane’ ‘Eleanore’ Langlois, (twin), witness was Jacques Fougere

February 8, 1909: Daniel Bonin, widower of Sabine Theriault, married Virginie Mombourquette (Langlois), widow of Henri Mombourquette, witnesses were Joseph Langlois and Sarah Poirier

November 9, 1909: Alexis Petitpas, widower of Seraphine Petitpas (Burke), married Sabine Theriault (Samson), widow of Captain Aime Theriault, witnesses were Leon Poirier and his spouse

November 16, 1909: Alfred Petitpas, widower of Marie Poirier (son of Damian ‘Daniel’ Petitpas, Sr. and Francoise ‘Gracieuse’ Poirier), married Theresa Bourke, daughter of Guillaume Burke and Marie Poirier, witnesses were Alphonse Poirier and Jeanne Bourke

November 23, 1909: Joseph Martell, son of Honore Martell and Emeline Langlois, married Martha Jeanne Muise, daughter of Patrick Muise and Martha Boudrot, witnesses were Levi Martell and Virginie Boudreau

January 17, 1910: George Babin, son of Louison Babin and Marguerite Petitpas of West Arichat, married Sarah Jeanne Bourke, daughter of Guillaume Burke and Judique Poirier, witnesses were Alphonse Poirier and Anne Landry

January 18, 1910: Colin Francis Ryan, son of William Ryan and Margaret Ann Morgan of Port Hawksbury, married Marie Helene Muise, daughter of Patrick Muise and Marthe Boudreau, witnesses were Wilfred Ryan and Sarah H. McIntyre

January 18, 1910: Joseph Alonzo Goyetche, son of Norbert Goyetche and Julie LeBlanc, married Alexina Bonin, daughter of Modeste Bonin and Virginie Poirier, witnesses were Amedee Goyetche and Bertha Poirier.

January 31, 1910: Joseph Benoit, son of Captain Augustin Benoit and Marie Vigneau, married Marie Agnes ‘Evangeline’ Langlois, daughter of Fidele Langlois and Anne Fougere, witnesses were Jean Benoit and Clara Langlois