Photos by Dana MacPhail Touesnard
Adam Cooke provided the musical entertainment for the 2018 edition of the Richmond County Literacy Network’s Storybook Picnic, leading the children through several songs.
Few children walked away from the Lions Hall on February 3 without making a stop at the colouring table.
Ellie McNamara, 2, dressed as Doc McStuffins from the animated series of the same name, enjoyed the craft table.
Kate Silver, of “Puppets At Hand,” stepped out from behind the puppet stage to talk with the children at the Richmond County Literacy Network’s Storybook Picnic on February 3 in St. Peter’s.
Keira Skinner (left), Brooklyn Skinner and Ella Clarke accepted the invitation to dress as their favourite characters during the Storybook Picnic.
Millie Hatt, coordinator of the Richmond County Literacy Network, offered her appreciation to those in attendance and invited everyone to take part in Saturday afternoon Book-nics (picnics with books) at the St. Peter’s library.
After hearing The Mitten, the children were invited to craft their own mittens.
Nathan Boudreau came to the Storybook Picnic in St. Peter’s on February 3 dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
A performance by “Puppets At Hand” was also part of the Richmond County Literacy Network’s annual event.
A knight and dragon become friends during the “Puppets At Hand’s” show on February 3 at the Lions Hall in St. Peter’s, as part of the Richmond County Literacy Network’s Storybook Picnic.
Quinn Marchand had her face painted by Christine Oakley in the early part of the event.
Rory Penny and Jocelyn Vickers joined in on the fun during the Storybook Picnic.
Just as the animals all gather inside a boy’s lost, white mitten in the book The Mitten Sharon McGrath invited the children attending the Storybook Picnic to gather underneath a sheet and await the sneeze that changes the outcome of the story.