I’m writing as a lifelong resident of Port Hawkesbury and as a recent graduate of NSCC regarding the upcoming election for the seat on Port Hawkesbury Town Council, specifically regarding some of the controversy regarding the Reeves Street project.

While not everyone may agree with every aspect being proposed, it’s essential that people understand the nature of the deal. It is a pilot project with much of the funding coming from outside the town, and as a community, we’ll get all or nothing.

As a resident, I’ve heard some concerns raised about the lane reconfiguration and addition of a bike lane, but in reality, these are lines on a road and if they prove to be detrimental or ineffective, they can be changed some time in the future.

It’s important to consider the impact of other parts of the deal as well, and I think everyone can agree that sprucing up our main commercial thoroughfare will add aesthetically and economically to the town and the whole area. It will give potential entrepreneurs another reason to bring their ideas here and give us a main street we can be proud of.

And finally, I would definitely like to address an issue of personal concern; the walk along Reeves Street, from the TD bank to the NSCC. I spent two years as a pedestrian student making the trek to school almost daily. This area is a disaster waiting to happen. On a clear day, pedestrians have about two feet of space in which to walk, and in the winter, you’re either walking in slush or along the road. I have had several very close encounters on my morning walk to school.

I believe that as a town, we should at least give the road safety changes a real chance.

I urge residents to reach out to our four candidates and ask them where they stand on the issue, and to vote for what this town needs.

Brendan MacDougall

Port Hawkesbury