Taxes go up in Victoria County

BADDECK: The Municipality of the County of Victoria council passed a two cent increase on residential and commercial property taxes during a recent council session.

This is the first increase in more than a decade. The residential rate is now $1.22 per $100 of assessment and the commercial rate is $2.12 per $100 of assessment.

“Although generally we are reluctant to raise taxes, this increase was necessary to meet the increasing demands on the municipality,” said Warden Bruce Morrison.

“Over the past 10 years, there has been an increase in costs across the board for the municipality – in the amount we pay for education, for policing and for solid waste. This small increase reflects that our costs have also risen during that time,” Morrison said.

For the typical homeowner in Victoria County, the increase means an additional $25 on a property assessed at $125,000.

The latest tax bills will reflect this increase and will be in the mail this month. Property taxes are due August 31.