Top quotes from July to December

Séan McCann

“Colin was found this morning by family and a close friend. He is now resting in peace. This evening Colin was reunited with his family and was given the last rights.”

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster’s comments on July 11 on Facebook confirming the news his cousin’s body was found in the ocean near Judique

“Guysborough, ever in your wildest dreams did you expect to be sitting in a place like this? There are going to be so many great times in this facility. This is going to be a place of dreams and memories.”

Cape Breton-Canso MP Rodger Cuzner on July 11 asked as he celebrated the opening of the $11.5 million Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex

Gary Burrill

“Nova Scotia only works when all communities and all regions of the province are heard from… and are consulted, this is one of the things, in my view, which is lacking so badly in the present government.”

Gary Burrill, leader of Nova Scotia’s New Democratic Party, on July 11 comments while in Antigonish during a province-wide tour

“We feel vindicated, first and foremost, and pleased that we can move ahead and focus on the core issues to make our business successful in the long term.”

Mike Hartery, co-operations manager, Port Hawkesbury Paper, on July 18 on the United States Department of Commerce decision to revoke a 20.18 per cent tariff that was imposed on its glossy paper since 2015

Randy Delorey

“Nova Scotia needs more family doctors, which means we need more family medicine training spaces.”

Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey on July 18 on the creation of 10 new spaces part of Dalhousie University’s Family Medicine Residency Training Program

“Twinning and upgrading Highway 104 is about improving road safety, creating good, middle class jobs, and making it easier for people – and products – to move across the province and the country.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on July 25 speaking on the federal government’s $90 million investment in twinning the 38-kilometre section of Highway 104 between Sutherland’s River and Antigonish

“It’s through excellent, in-depth, community-based content that we retain our position as the cornerstone of our respective communities.”

Sean Murray, president and CEO of Advocate Printing on July 25 on the success of The Reporter at the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards and the Newspapers Atlantic Better Newspapers Competition

“It’s been a stressful seven-and-a-half-years, mentally and physically on both me and Monique, so now we can and look to the future. We can now give Cullan the life he deserves, that’s what it’s all about.”

Wade Chisholm on July 25 on being awarded a $6 million settlement after his son suffered preventable brain injuries during his birth at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in 2010

“She actually came to us, she came to our location, asked some questions about our practice here, asked if there was any availability in the area.”

Sherry Sampson, managing director of the Dr. Kingston Memorial Community Health Centre in L’Ardoise on August 1 on Dr. Kaylee Murphy, a native of Newtown, who replaced Dr. Kristen Iverson at the health centre on August 20

“I’ve been in a wheelchair for 37 years, and people sometimes ask me what I’d like to do that I can’t, the one thing I’ve always said is that you can’t be on a beach in a wheelchair.”

Callum MacQuarrie on August 1 on now being able to access to Inverness Beach thanks to accessibility upgrades, which now makes it the most accessible beach in Atlantic Canada

“She came running out of her house and she was waiving her hands in the air, she said, ‘Please call the cops, my husband is trying to kill me, please help, please help.’”

Karen Boyle on August 1 on seeing her neighbour running out of her house looking for help

“On almost every measurable scale, things have exceeded in every way, shape, and form.”

Special Olympic committee co-chair Marc Champoux on August 8 on the success of the national games in Antigonish

Patrick Lamey

“We are all beneficiaries of his passion for knowledge and his strong desire to share his discoveries. We are all richer for his friendship and special personality, and I am a better person for having known him.”

Patrick Lamey on August 8 on the impact Wally Ellison had on him and Cape Breton

“You’re able to do more than you think if you just don’t give up and do the work, and that is facing your truth. If you can find something to help you, like a guitar, you’re problems can be overcome. You find what works for you.”

Great Big Sea founder Séan McCann on August 8 on his struggles battling mental health

“I thought it was an opportunity. It’s a landmark attraction here in Antigonish.”

Garrett Juurlink on August 15 on purchasing Snow Queen Leisure World, a place of enjoyment for nearly half-a-century that vanished in plain sight from Antigonish following the 2017 season

“I’m a Cape Bretoner at heart, it’s where my roots are.”

Jimmy Rankin on August 15 on returning to Nova Scotia and releasing his East Coast-themed album Moving East

“Dad was a profound believer in educational opportunity, he believed that he was very fortunate… but with that came a greater responsibility to contribute and to be there for other people.”

Royden Trainor Jr on August 29 on remembering his late father Royden Trainor

“Possibly the Dutch Runner wasn’t the perfect fit for our vision for our waterfront.”

Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton on September 5 on the prolonged three-year stay of the MV Dutch Runner

“I hope to play a part to ensure that Canada does right by itself, and the world.”

Central Nova MP Sean Fraser on September 12 on being appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change

“You have the feeling of being in the wilderness and all the luxuries of being in a hotel room.”

Scott Archer owner of Archer’s Edge Luxury Camping Inc. on September 26 explaining what the phenomenon glamping is

“So I wouldn’t want to be anywhere on the east coast of Nova Scotia the first time that they launched one of these.”

Michael Byers, a political science professor at UBC on September 12 on the anger associated with the propellant used in rocket launches known in Russia as “Devil’s Breath”

“The guy testing the ring said he hoped I didn’t spend a lot of money on it as it was one of the best fakes he’d ever seen.”

Paul Cogan on October 3 on realizing he was scammed on the side of the road trying to assist someone he thought was in need

“Would the minister please explain why, after five months, the best he could do for the Strait Richmond Palliative Care Society was to advise them to call the health authority?”

Cape Breton-Richmond MLA Alana Paon questioned Minister of Health and Wellness, Randy Delorey, on September 26 why he canceled a meeting with a local palliative care group

“I think it’s just given me some purpose, and also reduced isolation, you can feel a lot of isolation when you’re grieving. We have big dreams and maybe someday, we’ll grow into a charity and the sky is the limit.”

Jodi Myles on October 10 speaking on the growth of The Jordan Myles Foundation through annual Warr;or Walk

“The reason why the Mangalitsa is going extinct, is people [just] aren’t eating them anymore.”

Tanja Welz, Mangalitsa pig farmer from West Bay on October 17 on why the Mangalitsa is such a rare breed of pig

Amanda Grinter

“We want to talk more about facts, rather than our assumptions, those assumptions get in the way of them having an opportunity for them to be equal, and that’s what we want to do, equalize the playing field.”

Amanda Grinter, program coordinator with reachAbility, speaking on October 24 on how important it is to include people with disabilities in the workplace

“It’s part coming-out story, part road trip, and part making-your-own-family.”

Antigonish-native Arden Powell on October 24 describing her first novel A Summer Soundtrack for Falling in Love

“There were days we just never thought we’d ever get here, so to be here today, and to see it’s made such a huge difference – it’s amazing.”

Colleen Cameron chair of the Antigonish Affordable Housing Society on October 31 on officially opening the final phase of Riverside Estates

Mary MacLellan

“Stevie loved his community but he was a true family man, he touched a lot of people’s lives in a lot of different ways.”

Municipality of the County of Antigonish District 1 Councillor Mary MacLellan on October 31 speaking of her late friend Stevie MacInnis

“Today would be my father’s 128th birthday and so it seems especially special for me to be here reading in the place where he was born, grew up, where he loved the land and on his birthday.”

Author Simone Poirier-Bures on October 31 on the significance of reading her book in Petit de Grat

“Such a violation is among the most serious a lawyer can commit.”

Adam Rodgers on November 7 on the alleged misappropriation of funds by his legal partner Jason Boudrot

Chief P.J. Prosper

“This is a historic day for our community, we are creating a better economic future for ourselves and future generations.”

Paqtnkek First Nation Chief PJ (Paul) Prosper on November 7 on the announcement of their $8 million showcase development, the Bayside Travel Centre

Trevor Boudreau

“I just don’t understand how we’ve gotten to this point, and I’m very disappointed in all of us, quite frankly, because for a $5 million project that’s supposed to be positive for the community – we’re making a mockery of it.”

Councillor Trevor Boudreau’s comments on November 14 on Destination Reeves Street

“There has been a great deal of public support to get this highway twinned, and to get it twinned as quickly as possible.”

Jamie Chisholm, DTIR’s director of major projects and construction, on November 14 why they chose to use a P3 model

“People will see the outline of a schooner or three-masted ship. It’s on fire, and it’s vivid. It’s so vivid that people have described seeing men running along the decks.”

Cathy Gillies, an expert on local history, on October 31 explaining what people experience when they see the Ghost ship

“Being a part of a collaborative working team of health care professionals, it increases access to the health care provider.”

Kathy Anne Connell, primary health care manager Antigonish–Guysborough on November 14 on the benefits of a collaborative family practice

“We kind’ve had a really rough year so we weren’t thinking about anything like that. But this year, in October, I decided I wanted to do something to honour him.”

Carol Hayne on November 14 on losing her son and turning grief into giving by hosting a toy drive and collect six large bins of toys for patients at the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax

“We’re trying to be pro-active here, we’re going to stand up and say ‘No more, our women are not throw-away people.”

Annie Bernard-Daisley, a three-term band councillor with We’koqma’q First Nation on November 21 on what her community is doing following the tragic death of her 22-year-old cousin, Cassidy Bernard

“Entrepreneurship, hard work and innovation are very strong in the Strait area, which is evident from the award winners.”

Amanda Mombourquette, executive director of the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce on November 21 speaking on the entrepreneurial nature of our communities and the success of the chamber’s Fall Awards Dinner

“She had her life taken from her – she was so full of life, she lived everyday to the fullest, and [there] was nothing more pleasing to her than being a mother of identical twins.”

Mona Bernard on November 28 speaking on the tragic loss of her 22-year-old daughter Cassidy Bernard who was found dead inside her We’koqma’q First Nation home on the morning of October 24

“I initially saw [cannabis] as strictly an economic factor, but what I see now is that it really becomes a world leader in the treatment of PTSD.”

Jim Mustard, CEO of Breton CannaPharms Ltd. on November 28 on learning the cannabis industry from his business partner Fabian Henry

“We’re targeting those markets because there are concentrations of East Coasters willing to buy our product.”

The Headland Cultivation Inc. co-founder and president David Burton on November 28 on choosing the Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia markets to distribute their cannabis

“We’re hearing a lot about housing options, and affordability for housing. We’re actually hearing a lot of challenges with parking, on both sides – should we have less, should we have more.”

Christina Lovitt, manager of planning, Atlantic, WSP Canada Inc., on November 28 on the results from a community survey the town of Antigonish distributed as part of their Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land-Use By-law (LUB) review

“But because of the constant drive of the two boards of the Royal Canadian Legion and CACL in Antigonish, as well as our political leaders, everybody supported the idea.”

Kuli Malhotra, project manager, on December 5 on the community support behind the East Coast Credit Union Social Enterprise Centre

“The people there know your pain, they know your sorrow, they know your loss, they know what you’re going through.”

Marion Graham, founder of the Inverness chapter of Compassionate Friends on December 5 speaking on the impact the Worldwide Candle Lighting can have

“It was difficult to think that some council members weren’t behind you, but I think everyone’s rallying to be a team now.”

Inverness County Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie on December 12 on being voted out and voted back in as Warden in December’s council meeting

“We understand that this impacts an entire community that is looking for answers. These investigations are complex and can take a significant amount of time to examine the evidence and make a determination about what happened.”

Sgt. Glenn Bonvie of the RCMP Northeast Nova Major Crimes Unit on December 12 on the lack of information being provided in the death of Cassidy Bernard

“…I was home for Christmas a couple of years ago, in Mull River, and it was a beautiful snowy morning. The back roads were covered and there was white in the trees. I walked by the farm where my mother grew up…and it was a very lonesome feeling. I started writing a lyric and this became ‘Picture Perfect.’”

Heather Rankin, the youngest member of the Juno Award winning and multi-Platinum selling Rankin Family, on December 12 on the inspiration for her single ‘Picture Perfect’

Blaine MacQuarrie

“I’m just really grateful that the residents have given me an opportunity to join council and I’m just very appreciative of this opportunity.”

Blaine MacQuarrie on December 19 on winning the by-election for the vacant Port Hawkesbury council seat

“You certainly have people in your workplace now, that have prescriptions from everything from antibiotics to painkillers, that on some level, could be impairing and cannabis would be no different.”

Bryna Hatt, lawyer, Fraser Hatt Law on December 19 speaking on the use of medical cannabis in the workplace