ANTIGONISH: The RCMP charged two drivers for stunting within 30 minutes one another yesterday on Highway 104 in Antigonish County.

The RCMP’s Northeast Traffic Services in Antigonish were conducting regular patrols in Barney’s River when at 12:25 p.m. one police officer noted a vehicle passing them at 144 kilometres per hour (km/hr) in a 100 km/hr zone. The police officer activated the emergency equipment in the police vehicle and the driver then sped up to 161 km/hr to pass two more vehicles at the end of a passing zone. The 61-year-old female driver from the Halifax region was stopped and was charged with stunting.  

At 12:50 p.m., RCMP members were patrolling the James River area when they noted a vehicle travelling at 156 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone. The vehicle was stopped and when police checked the vehicle documentation, they noted several concerns related to the vehicle’s safety and documentation, and charged the driver. An 18-year-old male from Antigonish was charged with stunting, operating a vehicle without insurance, operating a motor vehicle when an attempt has been made to alter identification, and operating a motor vehicle without a valid safety inspection sticker.

In both cases, the drivers were fined $2,422.50, the vehicles were seized and towed, and the drivers’ licences were suspended for seven days. Those who see someone driving unsafely on Nova Scotian roads are asked to report it by calling RCMP at 1-800-803-RCMP (7267) or 911.