Water rate changes approved

ARICHAT: The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB) approved an application by the Municipality of the County of Richmond to change its water rates.

After approving an amendment to its schedule of rates for water and water services at the November 27 meeting of council, the municipality then made a formal application to the UARB on December 14.

Specifically, Richmond County requested a $50 charge for turning off water on any premises and a charge of $150 if the request is made after the regular working hours of the Richmond County Water Utility. There will be no additional charges for turning on the water and the water utility reserves the right to waive fees in an emergency.


The changes arose in November when deputy warden James Goyetche requested that the disconnection fee resulting from leaks in water lines be waived.

Goyetche explained that some water customers in Arichat were charged $50 because their disconnection occurred during the week, but others were charged $150 because their disruption in service took place on a weekend.

Goyetche said those people are already paying for their usage, and this is not like customers were going away and just wanted their water shut-off.

Goyetche received the approval of council to have municipal staff revise paragraph 10 of the water utility’s schedule of rates for water and water services and make it retroactive to April, 2017.