What happened to democratic reform?

Canadian citizens are the only people who should be allowed to decide the results of our elections.

But thanks to a loophole in Canada’s election laws, foreign money is pouring into third-party advocacy groups here in Canada. And these organizations have been spending money to influence the results of Canadian elections.

We’re talking about millions of dollars coming in from abroad. For example, reports indicate that an organization called Tides Canada alone handed $1.5 million from outside Canada to third-party advocacy groups that were involved in the last federal election.

Canada’s democracy is the envy of the world. We have to protect it from this kind of foreign interference.

But instead, Justin Trudeau is ramming through changes to our election laws that will favour the Liberal Party, while he defends foreign interest groups that do his dirty work for him.

His new legislation will rig the rules to stop his political opponents from spending money Canadians freely gave them, while allowing third-party groups that support him to continue spending money they receive from foreign sources.

Trudeau is failing to address serious threats to our democratic institutions while changing the rules to cling to any advantage he can. This is just wrong.

Canada’s Conservatives will always defend the integrity of our democracy.

We won’t let Justin Trudeau take your voice away.

Rob Moore

Conservative Shadow Minister

for Atlantic Issues