Two years after completing their first large-scale fishing vessel, father and son Adolphe and Shawn Boudreau built a boat of their own, the Breakin’ Traditions, which was launched last week.

CAP AUGUET: Two years after completing their first fishing boat, the Boudreau family has helped launch another.

At around 9 p.m. on November 13, the Breakin’ Traditions hit the water in Cap Auguet, marking 14 months of work.

“She just floated right off the trailer,” one of the builders, Adolphe Boudreau, told The Reporter the next day. “She just came right off and slid into the water.”

Photos by Jake Boudrot —
Shawn Boudreau (right) directs efforts to get the Breakin’ Traditions on a trailer.

The boat will be used by another of its builders, Adolphe’s son Shawn Boudreau, who fishes out of Yarmouth.

Two years ago, the Boudreaus constructed the fishing vessel All Segments, which was purchased by the Everett family of Digby. The hulking 50-foot by 30-foot boat weighed in at 90 gross tonnes. That boat featured a stacked wheelhouse design, but Adolphe said this vessel is different.

For one, it is heavier, weighing in excess of 50 tonnes even though it is still 50-feet by 30-feet.

“This boat was heavier than the other one, for some reason,” Adolphe noted. “It took us longer to load it on the trailer.”

Adolphe Boudreau helps direct his son Kenny as he backs an 18-wheeler onto the trailer to haul the Breakin’ Traditions.

The Breakin’ Traditions also features a new wheelhouse design.

“This one here has a bigger window so when he operates the controls, he’s right over the guy that’s down below,” Adolphe explained. “It’s safer, you see the guy right below your feet because you have a window that goes right to the floor. And there’s one side window that opens so he can talk to the guy.”

A Nova Scotia Power crew was at Shawn’s property to remove and lift power lines, as well as lines along the route to the Cap Auguet wharf. They also helped with traffic control. BellAliant was on site to remove and life phone lines. And Peter Covin Contracting Ltd. of West Arichat laid extra gravel in Shawn’s driveway.

Kenny Boudreau was instrumental in getting the Breakin’ Traditions to the water.

This time around, the trip from Shawn’s home where the boat was built, to where it was launched was much quicker; about an hour, versus three hours in 2017.

“Shawn had added an extra set of wheels to this trailer, there were four axels, where the other one had three,” Adolphe said. “It can carry a bigger load.”

In addition to Shawn and Adolphe, Kenny Boudreau played a significant role as, once again, he drove the 18-wheeler which took the Breakin’ Traditions to the water.

“The truck was bigger too, it was three-axel truck, and a bigger truck means more power,” Adolphe Boudreau. “All that makes a difference when it comes to launch it. You’re in the rough gravel there and Kenny backed her in, he went pretty deep in the water and she just floated off and he drove away.”

Once in the water, the new boat was guided to the wharf in Petit de Grat where wires and hydraulics are currently being installed.

One of the volunteers takes a look under the Breakin’ Traditions as it is put on a trailer to be hauled away.

The Breakin’ Traditions has to be ready to leave the Petit de Grat wharf by November 20 to travel to Yarmouth and be ready for the start of the fishing season on November 26. In that time, the vessel will undergo stability tests administered by Transport Canada, as well as a sea trial, before it can be approved for fishing.

Once the fishing season ends in May, Adolphe hopes to have the boat back in Isle Madame by mid-June so they can do the final woodwork.