CB Water Features sets up shop in St. Peter’s

ST. PETER’S: A husband and wife duo has established a new business in Richmond County.

Corey and Brandy Sampson are the owners of CB Water Features in St. Peter’s. Corey said they are basically contractors serving residents and businesses in eastern Nova Scotia.

“We install the water features, whether it’s a pond, or a waterfall, or decorative water feature… we have fountains available,” Corey noted.

Corey said the idea first came to him last summer.

“I’ve always wanted a little pond in my yard and have fish, and last summer I started researching how to do it, how to build one properly” Corey recalled. “While researching it, I came across this company called Aquascape.”

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The “Spillway Bowl and Basin” also uses an underground vault. Water is pumped to the higher 32-inch spillway bowl and spills through the spout and into the 40-inch basin which then spills over the edges back into the vault.

Corey said Aquascape – which is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and has an office in Toronto – sells products to build ponds and waterfalls. Corey said he and his wife enjoyed constructing their “pondless waterfall,” and after visitors gave their thumbs up, the Sampsons saw a business opportunity.

By February, CB Water Features was registered.

Pictured is a “Pondless Waterfall” which contains a hidden vault built below ground that houses a the bulk of the water, as well as a pump. The water is pumped from the vault to the top of the waterfall and gravity does the rest, flowing to the bottom and back into the vault.

Despite the economic downturn in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Corey told The Reporter that other contractors he’s spoken with from across North America report that they are still active.

“We’re still allowed to do work as a landscaper or a contractor, and especially with me being a one man crew, I’m still able to go to people’s properties and do these jobs,” Corey noted. “People are stuck at home, really spending more time at home, and I’m hoping it will lead people to pay more attention to their yards and maybe want to add something, create some sort of backyard oasis to enjoy the place that they’re stuck in.”

Similar to the waterfall, there is also a vault below ground with a pump for “Stacked Slate Urns.” Water flows up and bubbles over the edges creating a very nice effect and sound.

Not just aesthetics, Corey said water features can provide relaxation for people looking to escape current realities, or businesses wanting to improve their atmosphere.

“Having the sound of flowing water in your yard, it’s a calming sound,” Corey said. “There’s actually science that backs it. They talk about waterfalls release negative ions in the air and it’s scientifically proven that it helps people relax.”

In the middle of their first year in business, Corey said they have plans to grow organically and eventually expand the workforce.

“I’d love to be able to employ people from around the area,” Corey stated.

For more information on CB Water Features, check out their Web site at: www.cbwaterfeatures.com, and on Instagram at: http://instagram.com/cbwaterfeatures.

The “Fire Fountain” is self-contained and houses the pump inside the bowl. Water flows up through the decorative stones and spills back into the bowl through the opening in the center. Also in the center is the fire feature designed to hold liquid paraffin fuel.