Join the fight for Nova Scotia’s forests

I am a small woodlot owner and a farmer in Kings County.

Dozens of forest-related organizations across the province have been reporting how distressing it is to witness the deterioration of our forests’ health and wildlife populations from industrial forestry practises.

Several years of drought during the growing season is creating concern within farming communities about the impacts that extensive tree removal (and the resultant disruption to water recycling) may be having on climate change.

Three weeks ago, I decided to help a really great cause and stop the forestry industry from wiping out our forests on crown land by clear cutting.

With the cooperation of dozens of environmental-related organizations and a myriad of concerned residents, I have started a province-wide postcard campaign that is asking the Minister of Lands and Forestry to: declare a moratorium on clear cutting of crown, and all other publicly owned, lands; adopt the recommendations of the Lahey report; and protect endangered and at-risk species and their habitat. The campaign starts now and ends in early March 2021.

With the help of all these groups and private citizens who care about this issue, our collective voices could have a major impact at the office of the Minister of Lands and Forestry when considering our demands for action concerning the future management of publicly owned crown lands. Although each organization has their own perspectives of what exactly needs to happen to restore Nova Scotia’s forests, I am certain that if we can agree to stand together and ask for a moratorium on clear cutting, that it will happen.

The Lahey report is going through some major revisions to improve forestry practises in the province and we should support it and participate to make it even better.

If you can help get some of these cards signed within your bubble of friends, family and associates, I will mail a few to you directly. All you need to do is contact me and provide your mailing address and the number of cards you wish to take to have signed and sent.

If you love trees, let’s do this together! For more information, please email me at:

Marilyn Cameron