Mulgrave getting cheated by fiscal capacity grant

Editor’s note: The following letter was written to the Town of Mulgrave.

My name is Russ from Sydney, and I am the host of an Internet podcast called “The Cape Breton Situation Podcast.” We are hoping that someone from Mulgrave’s town council will consider doing a podcast with us to discuss the fact that Mulgrave is severely under-funded by the Province of Nova Scotia.

We are working with the NSEF (Nova Scotians for Equalization Fairness) closely to disclose that towns and municipalities in Cape Breton and rural Nova Scotia are being under-funded by the provincial government. We have been advised by the chairman of the board of the NSEF, John R. Macdonald, that Mulgrave is currently receiving $127,000 per year from the fiscal capacity grant. The NSEF has proof to discuss with you that the Town of Mulgrave should be receiving $1,298,000 in this program and we have proof that Ottawa is providing this amount yearly in the provincial transfer to address your fiscal tax capacity issues.

We would like to do a podcast interview with one or two representatives to discuss your options and to hear what struggles you face due to being under-funded. The towns and municipalities in rural Nova Scotia are starting to speak out to let the rest of the province know just what you are going through trying to manage a declining town. There are options other than just accepting decline and the location of Mulgrave for shipping related business, is ideal.

Please let us know if someone is interested in discussing this subject in a 45-minute podcast. We will come to you if you are interested. Thank you!

Russ Green

The Cape Breton Situation Podcast