Mulgrave to explore burn by-law

MULGRAVE: Senior staff with the town will be exploring a potential burn by-law.

During Mulgrave’s regular council meeting October 5, councillors looked at the results of a resident survey.

Following the meeting, Mayor Ralph Hadley advised council asked their residents what they would like to see in a potential burn by-law.

Before making their final decision, Hadley added council has asked the town’s EMO officer to investigate the matter and provide a report on it.

“We sent out some flyers on backyard burning and burning permits.”

Hadley indicated that included if people wanted to see the permits being issued by the fire department, and other restrictions such as limited times an individual was allowed to burn.

Unfortunately, he suggested the results didn’t give council a clear mandate as half of the respondents were in favor of town rules, while the other half indicated they were happy to stick with provincial restrictions.

“What came back was almost dead even.”