PORT HOOD: Inverness council gave the green light to Roy MacLean, assistant director of finance, to begin negotiations to sell three sections of surplus land owned by the municipality.

The first section of land came to the municipality after a tax sale where no one submitted a bid. Two budding owners are interested in it, explained MacLean.

A second property has also garnered the interest of a budding owner, MacLean said, noting that neither piece of land is of any real value to the municipality.

“It would be much better to have a tax payer own it than have it sitting there, I think,” MacLean said. “We advertised this one for sale before and had no one interested in it.”

“The third one is pretty much the same thing,” he said. “It’s a lot that’s a little bigger, but I can’t find where there was any access granted to it. It’s completely undeveloped, and there’s no access to a public road. It’s surrounded by the landowner who’s asking to buy the land from the municipality.”

Council decided to give the assistant director of finance authorization to begin negotiating the sale of the properties.