PORT HOOD: Inverness Municipal Council is in the process of setting up a seniors’ council to help make life a little easier for those over the age of 65.

“The goal of the seniors’ council is to bring people, ideas and information together to help build a seniors’ strategy utilizing a collaborative approach to address and support the older adults living in Inverness County,” said Keith MacDonald, CAO of the Municipality of the County of Inverness.

“This will give seniors a voice in an overarching seniors’ strategy in Inverness County, provide capacity in communities by providing training and workshops to help them support their workshops and communities, discuss goals and objectives for a seniors’ safety coordinator. If we go through these steps, we’ll be able to apply for significant funding, up to $25,000, to help support bringing on a seniors safety coordinator or coordinators.”

MacDonald said he’d like to have at least one person from each district join the council.

“The individuals we’re looking for are seniors 65 and older, the deadline for applications is February 15, the frequency of the meetings will be one a month for eight months, and applications are accepted in lieu of a bio or package,” he said.

There are also seniors serving organizations that will be consulted as well, he added.

The initiative will help the municipality leverage other provincial funds for seniors. Age Friendly Communities Nova Scotia already advanced the municipality $5,000 to move the senior council forward.