We, the organizers of the Community Anti-Racism Rally on June 13 in Mabou, would like to, first of all, thank Darnell Kirtin, Selah Best, and Steven Googoo for sharing their thoughts, experiences, and compassion so powerfully and from the heart with us all.

We’ve been inundated with feedback of how moving and eye-opening each speaker was.

We would also like to sincerely thank everyone who participated. It is clear that the support for anti-racism in Western Cape Breton is strong. By our count, there were more than 300 people at the rally in-person, and within 24 hours nearly 10,000 people had watched the video on-line!

Not only that, but organizing an event like this, in times like these, was made much easier thanks to the selfless generosity of everyone we asked to help, without exception.

As Kate mentioned at the conclusion of the rally, “We must recognize that it is not up to the victims of racism to end it. It is up to the perpetrators and benefactors of racism. It is up to us.

“So let today be the beginning—we might be coming to this several hundred years too late, but we cannot let our fear and guilt further perpetuate our apathy. We are not alone, we are not powerless. Let’s commit today to ending racism in Inverness County, in Nova Scotia, in Canada. And let’s commit to holding one another to it.”

As a tangible next step, we want to hear from you. There is much to learn, much work to be done, and many relationships to build and rebuild. The rally must only be the next step, not the last step.

To help facilitate this, we’re asking anyone who participated, or anyone interested in anti-racism activity in Western Cape Breton/Inverness County to take a moment and share your contact information with us so we can all keep in touch as momentum continues to build. Please fill out the form at: tinyurl.com/mabourallyform or e-mail us at: mabourally@gmail.com.

In the coming weeks political leaders have requested to meet with the speakers and organizers, and we will keep the community updated on these and any other developments.

Thank you once again, and “it’s up to us!”

Kate Beaton, Mabou

Melanie MacDonald, Port Hood

Morgan Murray, Mabou

Peter MacInnis, West Mabou

Joanna Bull, Halifax

Ainslee Umlah, Halifax

Indigo Christ, Mabou

Thom Oomen, Brook Village

Ryan MacDonald, Port Hood

Dawn Beaton, Mabou