Pirate days fan gets a special gift

St. Peter’s Pirate Days fan Elena King, who has been attending the annual event since its inception, received a detailed pirate costume in the mail from the Maritime Pirate Alliance.

ST. PETER’S: A little girl from this community got a special parcel in the mail recently.

A member of the Maritime Pirate Alliance sent St. Peter’s Pirate Days enthusiast Elena King a package containing a new and beautifully made pirate costume for her to wear for the next few years. Her mother Alyson King made a video of her daughter opening her mail.

“Every year, they usually bring our group, our pirate association, something special that they made for us,” St. Peter’s Pirate Days organizer Annie MacDonnell explained. “This year, they went over and above. One of our pirates, one of the group, Rob Hood, remembered this little girl who’s basically been attending Pirate Days basically all her life because she’s only three-and-a-half. Always found her such a sweet little girl and loves pirates.”

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Elena King of St. Peter’s models the new pirate outfit she received in the mail from a member of the Maritime Pirate Alliance.

MacDonnell said Pirates Days hires the four-man group every year because of their professionalism and rapport with kids.

“They really love their art, they love performing, they’re all creative, but they like to bring out creativity in children and this is one of the ways of doing it,” she noted. “It’s very special what they did this year and we’re very pleased with them.”

This letter from the Maritime Pirate Alliance accompanied the pirate costume gifted to three-and-a-half-year-old Elena King of St. Peter’s.

Because of public health restrictions introduced to combat the spread of COVID-19, MacDonnell said this year’s Pirate Days, which will be running in mid-September, will be different from previous years but there will be flags and decorations out this year.

“We’re thinking of having a scavenger hunt, possibly with little groups of four people per team,” she said. “We’ll go out and do a scavenger hunt so that we can keep our distance. We’re only working with small groups at a time and they’re all spread out throughout the village. We may ask the Maritime Pirate Alliance to come down for an afternoon, just to walk through town. We’re hoping to have some of our local talent perform here and there on different street corners.”

Keeping in mind the necessity of social distancing, maintaining small groups, and other measures, MacDonnell said it’s vital to keep the event going because of the positive impact it has on the community.

“Pirate Days has really helped to define who we are here; a fun-loving community and we treasure our history and our camaraderie and it’s brought the town so close with each other because of the participation of the businesses, the homeowners, the entire community,” MacDonnell said. “It’s become a very special event.”

MacDonnell added it will be equally important that Pirate Days return next year bigger and better than ever.

“We’ll expect little Elena King to be wearing her beautiful outfit next year for sure. Her mother was very thrilled at the beautiful, compassionate gesture by one of the pirates,” she added. “We’re continuing our meetings and we’re fundraising. We’ve got lots of plans for the future and hopefully an upcoming event next year.”