Carlos Resendes, vice-president of business and innovation services for Property Valuation Services Corporation, and Dave Penny, residential manager, visited Inverness Municipal Council last year.

ANTIGONISH: With property assessments in the mail, the municipality wants to make sure residents give them a look.

On January 13, Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) mailed out property assessments on and residents have 30 days to appeal any issues. Like last year, Antigonish Municipal Council is encouraging residents to look over the documents to make sure they are accurate.

Once the roll closes and the information comes to the county, Warden Owen McCarron says the municipality has no ability to change the assessment notices. He says people should make sure there aren’t any issues.

“We tell people each year, make sure when the assessments start coming to take a quick look to make sure it reflects the reality of your property or home,” said McCarron.

If an appeal is necessary, he directed people to contact PVSC.

The 31-day inquiry and appeal period runs from January 13 at midnight to February 13. Property owners can appeal their assessment by filling out the appeal form on the bottom of their notice and returning it to PVSC by mail, fax, e-mail a signed and scanned copy, or in-person at one of their office locations, including a temporary site at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre, at 606 Reeves Street in Green Room 2.

Assessors are available at 1-800-380-7775 to discuss assessments.