Radio station news director wins PC nomination in Guysborough-Tracadie

TRACADIE: The Progressive Conservative (PC) candidate for Guysborough-Tracadie in the upcoming provincial election has been a familiar voice to many across the Strait area over the past decade.

Greg Morrow was elected during a virtual nomination meeting on June 5, where 491 PC members voted.

“It’s something that I’ve always had an interest in my whole life, now feels like the right time for a number of reasons,” Morrow told The Reporter. “I do have some good life experience but at the same time, I’m not stuck in my ways. I’m open to new ideas, and want to see things change because doing things the way that they’ve always been done doesn’t necessarily work.”

For more than 23 years, he was worked in broadcasting, telling the stories of people in and around his community; seeing first-hand the impact the healthcare crisis has had on people and how the lack of economic opportunities has driven people away.

Born in Monastery, Morrow obtained a Political Science degree at Dalhousie University and also graduated from the journalism program at University of King’s College.

“In 2009, my wife and I decided to move home to raise our family, and we’ve been in Tracadie ever since,” the father of two said. “I became the news and sport director at 101.5 The Hawk in Port Hawkesbury, a role in which I remain today.”

He said there seems to be a desire for change at the riding level, and he’s gotten the sense people want a change in their representation; noting he feels he’s the right person for the job.

“Being in media, you cover it from the other side, I’ve covered it at all three levels, municipal, provincial, and federal. I’ve covered elections campaigns, election night coverage, and candidate debates at all three levels,” Morrow said. “I’ve had a real good taste of it, I feel as though I have a pretty good sense for what it entails, but I’m certainly interested to learn it from the other side.”

Morrow believes the role of a representative should be to listen and ask people what they want, rather than telling them what he’s going to do.

“I’ve had a chance to hear lots of concerns, whether it be rural internet, doctors or nursing shortages and roads,” Morrow said. “I’m always interested in hearing ideas, suggestions and concerns, because as the MLA I really believe that’s what the role should be; to serve the people of the riding and bring their concerns forward.”

He suggested while Guysborough County is a big part of the riding, a part of the riding that’s sort of forgotten is the east end of Antigonish County.

“With the exception of 10-years in Halifax, I’ve lived in this area my entire life, I know the issues,” Morrow said. “We face a lot of the same issues, it’s not just because I’m on one side of the line as opposed to the other, we still share the same concerns over the same issues.”

Living in Tracadie, he indicated he’s only six kilometres from the county line, and it’s not like he’s coming in from Yarmouth or Dartmouth. He said he knows the area and the issues.

“I’m proud to be joining Tim Houston’s PC Team, which is putting forward real solutions to our health care crisis,” Morrow said. “Tim is a leader who does more than criticize the government. He has offered common sense ideas about what should be done every step of the way, and I’m excited to help bring those plans forward.”

As for what he’d like to address first, if elected, he said he would go back to what he’s been hearing in the community.

“Basically, the number one issue is internet. I want to get fully up to speed on what the plans are for high speed internet,” Morrow said. “I want to find out what plans are in place, and find out if we can move them ahead a little faster.”

He is an avid supporter and promoter of community events, sports and fundraisers, and along with coaching school sports, has coached women’s minor hockey for the past seven seasons.

“Greg cares deeply about his community and he has a real understanding of the needs of the people of Guysborough-Tracadie,” PC Leader Tim Houston said. “I welcome Greg to our PC team and look forward to working with him as we deliver dignity for seniors, universal mental health care, and better access to primary care for Nova Scotians.”

Morrow suggested as COVID-19 case numbers drop, it gives him hope that it leads to some relaxed restrictions so there’s an opportunity to do some traditional campaigning, and sit down and have a conversations.

“But up to this point, during the nomination process, it was using all the other avenues available, phone, Facebook, texting,” he said. “That’ll certainly play a role as we go forward just to reach as many people as possible.”