We are all familiar with hospital Emergency Room closures, and as weeks and months go by, we are witnessing more and more ER closures for longer periods of time. The reason given is a shortage of doctors.

Along with the ER closures comes a rumour that there will be no doctors on staff after the month of June or July at the L’Ardoise clinic in Richmond County? If true in a case like this, what would happen to the patients of Nurse Practitioners at the clinic?

My wife and I are patients at this clinic, and for us having no family doctor, we do see a NP but the NP is not permitted to give any new prescription drugs without a doctor’s consent. This could become an issue of concern and discomfort for the both of us and I’m sure to many other patients.

With today’s technology, a Nurse Practitioner should be able to use their computer and contact a listed of registered doctors. If the doctors have to be away from a clinic for any period of time, the connection between the NPs and doctors may be the answer.

The people of Nova Scotia deserve a better quality of health care when dealing with their illnesses. Proper health care should be respected as a number one priority.

Whoever tripped the health care breaker switch, please think twice and let a kind-hearted person turn it back on so the people of Nova Scotia can start having confidence in the health care system.

It’s sad to say that the more stress and burden brought on by our health care is making us sicker and sicker, day by day.

Clarence Landry